In the news

I read that Elizabeth Warren might run for president. I can’t say I support her. The PAC-like behavior of MoveOn, who supports her, really turns me off. I guess that is my main objection is the MoveOn association. They seem to push their agenda constantly and never stop asking for money.  I had to get off their mailing list, just got sick of it.

I have been reading about Libertarian principles and I’m not sure I agree with them, either. While I support less government interference I am not sure I agree with everything the libertarians say. I dislike the way the gov’t tries to tell citizens how to act, how to feel, and…what next? How to pee? They insist they know better, and I am not sure they do, especially when you consider that a lot of these rulings are influenced by big companies like pharmaceutical giants and other influential groups.

I will be posting a password-protected post, mainly because I don’t want certain stuff found in a Google search. You can use my dog’s name as the password. I figure if anyone has read this far, you are likely a regular reader and would have seen this slipped in under the guise of political bullshit. My dog would make a great pres, let’s all vote for our dogs! That said, politics has really gone to the doghouse as it is.

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