More commentary on Duncan Capicchiano’s “Kidney Coach” program

Overall, I’m impressed with this program. Duncan has a lot of useful information on his site that you can access for free. I have also purchased his ebook and program just to test it out and see what more I can glean from him.

If you contact them you’ll have to verify that you really did purchase the ebook. Unfortunately this took me about a week to get done because my PayPal email address isn’t my usual email. They did not have me listed under my usual email where I was actually receiving all the material, but listed under my PayPal email. If you don’t supply this information to them they will not answer any of your questions, so be sure you have all your info correct. If you don’t know which email you used you can contact ClickBank. They have a customer service number and they have helpful humans that answer the phone, not bots.

Meanwhile, I already had the ebook and I read the whole thing and soaked up all the recommendations and tips. I followed his program as best as I could over the next few months.

Result? Improved health and improved quality of life, but still, kidney function decreased. It’s possible that the decrease slowed as a result of using Duncan’s program. I show no outward signs of kidney disease at all. No itchy skin, no swelling in my feet and ankles, minimal muscle cramping (please, do not confuse this with menstrual or digestive cramping, these are not the same thing!) which I already knew how to remedy prior to doing Duncan’s program. In my last blood test they did not test hemoglobin, but that, apparently, has improved to normal levels as of August anyway. I no longer feel fatigued because my blood is better quality overall than it was before. What’s amazing is that I can sit here at my desk 6-7 hours and STILL, my feet and legs do not swell up and my shoes aren’t painfully tight at the end of the day, another sign that your kidneys aren’t working right. This used to be a very bad problem for me, but now I just don’t have that anymore.

I did notice my weight dropped. I suspect this is due to absence of swelling, but I am not entirely sure. Apparently it is noticeable to some observers, which surprises me because the amount of weight loss (in pounds) is so small, but of course I’m only 5’1″ and tiny to begin with.

I do feel stronger physically and lighter on my feet. I feel amazingly energetic, too. I used to regard certain house chores with dread. Now I just do these things, such as cleaning up huge messy spills thoroughly rather than doing a half-arsed job.

Work performance has been fine. I am not noticing those annoying little things that happen when your cognition isn’t up to snuff. Some people tell me that on psych drugs, in particular Clozaril, they “fish for words” and can’t quite find them. This is a known side effect of that drug. Word recall problems have been studied and documented. Imagine the brain damage that drug could cause a person!

Anemia, which I had for years, will cause constant fatigue that never really goes away. You’re likely to feel down or depressed when you are anemic, or exhausted constantly, or like you just don’t have the energy to make it through the day.Your cognition will suffer, in particular, short-term memory, and you might even get disoriented or have trouble reading maps or following directions.  I never feel like that anymore, but this was an issue for me for years. I never realized it was possible to get over the anemia, but it is!

I believe Duncan’s program is good if you have only rudimentary knowledge of natural medicine, or no knowledge whatsoever. His program might be a radical shift for anyone with “unhealthy lifestyle.” My lifestyle wasn’t “unhealthy.” I was already aware of a lot of what he recommended and found that just about all his recommendations were repeats of what other naturopaths say, with the exception of his special type of “kidney tea.” He will give you a recipe for this.  I found that to have all this info in one place is extremely useful for anyone with kidney disease.

Duncan also supplies a basic shopping list. It is well laid out and makes sense, unlike other similar “shopping lists” I’ve seen that are overall less helpful. You may, or may not want to print this out and bring it to the grocery store. You do have to remember that some of the foods are called by their Australian name. If you live outside of Australia you might have to ensure you have the right local terminology. For your convenience he sometimes supplies alternate terms for those of us who are foreigners.

Duncan doesn’t spam people. You’ll get a week’s worth of useful (or not-so-useful) newsletters and nothing after that unless you are subscribed to his blog, which I guess I forgot to do. If you purchase the ebook you can write to them and they’ll respond, but the responses are less than helpful, usually consisting of “ask your doctor.” These are not sent by Duncan but by someone else in his office named Erika.

I felt baffled as to why Erika repeated referred me to the doctor I supposedly have…but choose not to have. I felt it was a copout. Most other naturopaths will not do that! The ones I respect the most will not cop out. They’ll answer questions instead of assuming your doctor is even competent.

I have found that some naturopaths work within the medical system, while others work radically away from anything Western Med. I would recommend the latter type.

Don’t even trust a naturopath who insists on communicating with your PCP or nephrologist, or makes you sign away your privacy. BE CAREFUL! I wrote to one who sent me paperwork stating that she would not communicate with my doctor except with my permission. NO WAY! Of course that means she will. This practitioner insisted that you have to see a Western doctor and sign a paper to that effect. Isn’t that defeating the purpose of naturopathy? I looked over the papers and realized that signing all that gave her permission to go over my head in certain instances. I told her I would “look over the paperwork and get back to her.” Of course I have no plans to do so, no plans to go any further with her. Never mind the high cost for a consultation.

Duncan’s ebook is about $65 USD, depending on the exchange rate. He sends you more than that. You get a CD’s worth of audio and also a lot of other ebooks. All these materials are excellent and I don’t think $65 is unreasonable, either. His reputation seems solid, also. I don’t think he ever invades anyone’s privacy the way the above naturopath apparently does.

Overall, I’d say four stars, but I hate giving star ratings since that alone won’t tell you much. I will be putting a link to Duncan’s website in my ebook called Life After Lithium.

You’ll be able to find a full list of additional resources at the back of the book, in the Appendices. I’ll be including my own personal annotation with each resource. I’ll be linking to various studies, listing books you should read or might take note of, news articles, and audio/video resources.

I’m taking next week off to work on the book while the rest of you are stuck putting on an act while you visit with family and maybe even have to put up with relatives you don’t like, then, of course likely having to go through a recovery period from it as well. Good luck!

Natural phosphate binder: Kidney disease

Normally, when a person is going through dialysis or is in late-stage renal disease, phosphate levels rise to an abnormal level. They “cure” this with drugs called phosphate binders which act like magnets to the phosphate and then, eliminate it from the body. I cannot imagine these drugs do nothing but cause further harm.

Here is one of such drugs:

Sounds to me like the cure is worse than the disease!

I knew already what would help but I’ve done a search and even come up with a “study” that validates my suspicion:

You bet charcoal comes with side effects (constipation, notably) but other than that it is overall very good for kidney disease. Activated charcoal WILL lower your phosphorus level. I knew at some point I would have to start taking it regularly. Seeing as my phosphorus level was high in the blood test I just had, I have gone ahead and started the charcoal.

I told you alls I would give you a report on how Duncan Capicchiano’s kidney program, which I have followed for about four months.

If you follow Duncan’s program and do what he recommends for kidney disease then your quality of life will improve. I have noticed a definite reduction in certain problems I was having including swelling in my legs and feet. However, I didn’t see any lowering of creatinine. In fact, it is higher, which is predicted for people with kidney disease anyway. My GFR lowered by two points also since the beginning of August. I believe it was calculated properly since I ran the calculator myself just to be sure. Still, on his website people state that they were successfully able to raise GFR. I wonder what percentage of those who try his program succeed like that. Maybe it is only a small percentage. After all, if someone’s testimony ran contrary to his claims he can always just not publish it.

Of course, I don’t rely on these folks very much. I continue to do my own research because I know I have to take responsibility for my life instead of dumping it into someone else’s hands. I wish other people would take the initiative to do the same, but we live in a society of mostly obedient sheeples, sadly.

Breaking news: ECT

Well? We can let that one sink in for  a bit.

I’m not even taking the tail off of this link because I am afraid I will take off too much and the link won’t work.

I read much of it, skimmed the repetitive crap about the “studies” mainly because I am not a statistic. Statistical data and “studies” do not in any way describe my life experiences, how I feel, what my values are, what I cherish in life, and, of course, how deeply harmed I was by ECT. “Studies” classify people as “mentally ill” in various categories they designed, and use such classifications to base their data. I’m not an illness and using these words to describe me does not describe anything meaningful about who I am.

The FDA totally tossed out individual narratives. Period. Heartbreaking.

The FDA recognized the UN’s declaration against torture, but found a loophole here. Mendez hadn’t specified ECT; rather, the definitions are broader but clearly include ECT.

Also, apparently they found another loophole in the UN’s documentation. While it’s not okay to torture human beings, it’s okay, the FDA claims, to torture anyone “mentally ill” who are outside the realm of human. (You have to read carefully because YES, they really say this!

What is in the future? To increase use of ECT, they are likely to widen the MDD (major depressive disorder) and BPD (borderline) umbrellas so that they can “treat” more people in the fast-track ECT lane. This will lead to more misdiagnosis (is such a thing even possible anyway?) including deliberate, malicious misdiagnosis.

Already, patients are up-diagnosed so that their insurance will cover “treatment.” They are up-diagnosed to justify “hospitalization” or to justify keeping a patient longer. Of course they’re up-diagnosed to justify the drugs they’re given. What’s at the core here? Financial interest.

They are timing this just perfectly. People are celebrating the holiday (that one with the fat guy in the red suit, remember that holiday?) and these new measures take effect December 26. They sent out this mailing during the wee hours, possibly hoping we don’t notice.

I have already alerted a few people. What is the answer? Likely stay away from MH professionals altogether, stay away from the emergency room unless you get shot or hit by a car, and just don’t go back there! Stay away!

Incidentally, I just received propaganda from my “health plan” talking about mental health. Clearly, they are moving away from emphasis “therapy” (substituting “peer support,” that is, the government-sponsored type) but want to make sure we stay handicapped and on our drugs. I imagine it’s cheaper to keep us silent and out of workforce that way. The model patient  shown in the newsletter doesn’t go to therapy, takes drugs as prescribed, meetings with “peer support” people and takes up a photography hobby. There’s no mention of ever getting off disability, ever working again, or any plan to taper off the drugs.

I’m so glad I got out when I did, folks. Is it getting bad out there, or worse?



Josh Gordon: Will we lose one more to the Rabbit Hole of Mental Health “Care”?

Here is the tragic story:

Read carefully. He was FORCED into it! It’s not like he made this choice to go. He’s suspended…right? So he was forced, as public figure, to bow out as gracefully as he could.

What next? Worse drugs? Antipsychotics? These are the kinds of drugs they give people in “drug rehab”!!!! Like he’s gonna return to football on Zyprexa? Are you kidding?

Okay, but I doubt they’ll take him back with diabetes, heart trouble, and if he’s gained 50 pounds (of fat) he’ll be a massive, but sluggish player.

Okay, they could give him Thorazine instead. What will he do then? “Excuse me, coach, I have to take the next week off because I got second-degree sunburn during that last practice.”

Or maybe,

“Hey, Josh, do you mind not pacing around the locker room?”

Or maybe,

“We called Josh last night to see if he was thinking of returning to the field. We found out he just dropped dead. The doctor said, “Underlying heart condition.”

Really? Or was it the drugs?

Will he fall into the rabbit hole called Mental Health “Care”? Never to return? While the future scenarios may not play out exactly as I have halfway predicted, chances are, sadly, yes.

Proposed law and my current thinking and contribution

There is a law now proposed in Pittsburgh in the wake of the Tree of Life shooting. There are three components to the law:

  • An assault weapons ban making it unlawful to man manufacture, sell, purchase, transport, carry, store, or otherwise hold in one’s possession an assault weapon within the city, such as the Colt AR-15 automatic rifle used in the Tree of Life shooting.
  • An accessories, ammunition and modification ban barring items such as bump stocks, armor-penetrating bullets, sawed-off rifles and large capacity magazines often used in mass shootings.
  • Adoption of Extreme Risk Protection Orders that enable courts to temporarily prohibit a person from having guns if law enforcement or immediate family members show that the individual poses a significant danger.

Okay, folks, let talk about it…I’m going to think aloud here as I write these words before I have to log in at work and maybe compose a letter/email to Governor Wolf or other official, weighing in on my own opinion.

I have NO OPINION on the type of weapon that should be banned. Why? I have no knowledge of this type of equipment. I have never owned one, never touched one, have no military background, and I don’t know the names of these things.

Do people have a right to own these things? Yes. They do. Very few would have reason to own that stuff, though. Collectors, maybe as museum pieces to put on display, hobbyists, people interested in military history. Many are, but how many, of those who study history actually own the artifacts, or would even think to own them? Is it that terrible that we ask them to store these outside of city limits, or not own them at all?

We do have licenses that people can get to drive cars, trucks, motorcycles, and passenger buses. You have to earn these. There is NO license that you can get that will make it legal to drive a military bomber armed with loaded grenades down Liberty Ave.

So? No excuses, right? #1 and #2 are fairly simple to me. No assault weapons, no obvious paraphernalia. Of course a few people might argue with me here.

Now let’s get to #3. Extreme Risk Protection Order.

Let’s look at this one for a second. Who decides?  Family and law enforcement. That’s it. Do you folks know what is going to happen here? Or what could happen? How could this protection order go astray, and what can we do to prevent these miscarriages of justice from happening?

Scenario #1. Facebook decides to profit off of this and violate all users’ privacy using AI to scan for potential weapon-ownership. The law doesn’t say “Facebook” makes the decision, but Facebook contacts law enforcement without your knowledge and all the sudden you see the cops at your door and you don’t know why.

Scenario #2. The local cops decide you might be dangerous in the future due to an old psych diagnosis being on your record from 15 years ago (you only asked for help due to struggling at exam time, right?) and the cops decide to pay you a visit at 6am to make sure you don’t own assault weapons. So now you’re being searched but for what crime?

Scenario #3. Your family doesn’t like that you told them you’re gay last time you visited. They decide you must be schizo. They look up schiz in the Torrey book, which they pour through like it’s the Gospel, and they decide you are unaware of your diagnosis and you need help, desperately. They work up a fictional scenario that they totally believe is fact, about a chemical imbalance of the brain, and decide on an intervention. They find out about a new law on the books. “He must be planning something…we have to stop him!” What are you really planning? You’re trying to get this special holiday gift for the guy you’re dating and as of now, you don’t know if it’ll get there on time. So while you’re on the phone with the (ahem) nicest customer service lady….but in come the cops!

But….Can the law go the other way, too? What if a teacher realizes a student might be planning something, and “teacher” isn’t included in the law, too? Do you think the umbrella should be widened to include a few others?

If you were a teacher and you knew a kid had assault rifles which were now banned from your city, where would you go? The cops? Any teachers out there? I would say that breaking the law is cause to contact the cops. (Drawing a picture of a gun, which a lot of kids do, is not proof of ownership. It’s not proof of anything. It might, however, mean the kid watches a lot of violent TV programs, has just read a great detective novel, or that mom or dad has one. Or maybe the kid does have one. Guns are easy to draw on paper, as it is. Any artists out there go through a gun phase?)

Okay, if a teacher goes to the cops, then, the cops decide, right?

The Protective Order doesn’t mean they search your home. I assume it’s going to come down to that whether they write “search” in or not. Even though searching without a warrant isn’t legal. My guess is if they can find a loophole, they’ll search, but if it’s going to be too inconvenient, or they think you’ll sue, they won’t bother.

What is your thinking on this?


Food on Christmas in Pennsylvania

The entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will be a food dessert on Christmas Day. The following super supermarkets will be closed:

  • Giant Eagle
  • Market District
  • Shop’n Save
  • Aldi
  • Kuhn’s
  • Whole Foods
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Costco
  • Walmart
  • Target

This means all these places are giving their workers a day off that day. This also means you should get food prior to that day. NO, you can’t drive to the supermarket on Christmas morning for last-minute “stuff.” Sorry. Maybe you have some stashed in your freezer or pantry that you grew in your garden or froze or canned over the summer. If by chance your cupboard runs dry and you need food and you’re desperate, I’d try your neighbor (if you have a nice one) or a local church. Some have services on Christmas Day. I would try one that advertises “Christmas Breakfast before (or after) the service” out front. Then, go to the breakfast and bring home a “doggie bag.”

Yes, many people do that, dog or no dog. Tell them you have three Great Danes, very pious ones, too. Promise a donation. Next time.

Is it okay to say Merry Christmas if it really IS Christmas? On Christmas Day, likely so. I avoid saying it because I’m Jewish but I don’t feel offended when people say it to me.

Either way, I hope you all are staying warm.

Which is better? Glassdoor? Or Indeed?

I think it’s a toss-up between these two. Both offer reviews of employment. Both offer a wide range of jobs also and easy ways to apply.

I would avoid Ziprecruiter. I think the site allows too many scammers to get on there. I think they sell your information too easily. I think that’s how “Grant” found me last February. Unfortunately some jobs still have people apply through them. Then, you might get contacted by scam jobs also.

Be careful if anyone wants to meet you via Google Hangouts. A real job will identify which company they are from and won’t use Hangouts.

I have now received three or four of these emails asking me to meet on Google Hangouts, meeting a “Miss Jammie” or similar name which reeks of a scam. Those folks found me via Workable, which I had to go through to put in a application. Interestingly, the company isn’t identified. Another email sent to me from Magellan Health. I never applied to them, and they are writing from gmail addresses. If they were really from Magellan, wouldn’t they write from Magellan addresses, not from gmail addresses?

Another thing those fools did was to fail to BCC, sending a mass email saying they were interested in employing us for a lucrative position. Someone was naive enough to Reply All, suckered into it. Oops.

Which shall it be? Indeed or Glassdoor? They have their pros and cons. I say it’s a toss-up. They’re both risky and safe. With both, you can control the privacy and not have a public resume. I highly discourage anyone from doing that for obvious reasons. With LinkedIn, you better be prepared to have a very public resume because anyone who joins (or creates a fake account) can now view it. This includes your ADDRESS, your entire job history (or that which you’ve faked), your college history, and anything else you want to impress the world with. Do you really want any ole ex to find that info? Think on that one. Do you want your retaliatory ex-shrink to find out your current address?

I mean, you know…there are ways they can find out….eventually. A lot of people who do not want their psych histories known get outed long after the retaliation period has smoothed over and the chasing is less likely to occur. Still…you know. A lot of us do not want to be found. Still.

I wonder if you can ever feel safe from “them” again. Or do we always have that unsettled feeling like we have to bolt at any minute?

Yes, I do. Now and then I worry. I don’t exactly look over my shoulder but sometimes I get a weird telemarketer call and I’m scared it’s “them,” but it’s not. I never see the cops here in this neighborhood which is a blessing since they give me PTSD, but any contact with them, even hearing sirens makes me uncomfortable, especially seeing and hearing ambulances. I saw them haul someone off in Pittsburgh about a month ago. It was upsetting. I did not film the incident, but was tempted because he was a black man and I was terrified they would hurt him. I think the cops were scared, too, with all of us Downtown on Liberty Ave across from Wood Street Station witnessing. They knew if they tried anything we all had cameras.

I believe he was an addict and he needed help. As far as I could tell. He couldn’t get up. He was lying (somewhat) on the sidewalk. I don’t know where they took him. He seemed to be in pain, too, like he was afraid to be lifted. They were careful with him because when they moved him it seemed hard for him. I wonder if he had some broken bones or internal bleeding or something. After they got him into the ambulance they didn’t move the ambulance for a while and I wondered why. Maybe they needed to situate him on the stretcher, put an IV in, or take his vitals or immobilize him so nothing more would get injured. I didn’t know.

Which is better? Glassdoor, or Indeed? I am not sure. Are you?

Company pres has cancer, how do I feel about it?

Of course I don’t, and can’t, communicate with the company pres, but we got his announcement today in our email. Or maybe it was yesterday. I didn’t pick up my work email yesterday because I didn’t work. He announced it similarly to the way he might announce…”Hey, I’m going on vacation for three weeks.” Or some similar announcement. It didn’t sound particularly grave or foreboding. Just ho hum everyday cancer, right?

Not really. He did say, or feign, that he was okay with it. He said that many people get cancer in this day and age. Maybe he just wants people to relax about it and stay cool. I’m not sure.

When  you think about it, he has run a company well, amassed a fortune, and that is a huge accomplishment, even though it was mostly inherited. Still, he has not run it amok. He seems to know what he is doing and is a shrewd businessman. I gotta give him a lot of credit. After accomplishing all that, maybe beating cancer seems smaller to him. Just a bump in the road.

What would happen if I found out, tomorrow, that I had cancer? When I think hard on that one, it wouldn’t be as big a deal since the bigger deal was getting psychiatry out of my life. Never mind that, I deal daily with kidney disease which will likely kill me sooner, or as soon, so why even worry about cancer? Why do you think I don’t bother with a mammogram and colonoscopy? Those would be a total waste!  Even if I did have something, treating either aggressively with Western Med’s killer chemo would certainly kill ME first!

Every single day I feel grateful for my freedom. And isn’t that enough? Isn’t it enough to be free of the brainwashing therapy, free of imprisonment and constant threats, free of being seen as crazy, free of police threats, free of all that garbage I had to deal with some mere five or six years ago? It is out of my life now. That is enough to celebrate over, isn’t it?  Wouldn’t cancer just be a bump in the road? I’m not really sure…but likely it would.

Even if I died tomorrow, I’m free now. I’m not in their hands anymore. I’m away from them now. I’m out of their miserable clutches. It’s the best, best feeling in the world. Nothing can touch that. Nothing.