What do you guys think of this?


I don’t think the friend should even spend one night in jail. It was the person who took too much of the heroin who actually overdosed. It wasn’t like the friend forced him to take too much. The friend did not “prescribe” the heroin. He supplied it, an act of compassion, actually, when you think about it. He was helping out his fellow addict. Both of them NEEDED the stuff.

Now if a doctor prescribes something and you are harmed, does that doctor end up in jail for a year?  When we add the element of the prescription, it’s like you have doc permission. It feels “okay” to take the drug, even though it very well may be harmful to you. The prescription gives us the illusion of safety, and also fools us into thinking we aren’t taking drugs at all. We’re taking “meds,” right?

Don’t be fooled. If you are taking prescribed Klonopin, you very well can be addicted. The stuff is no less addicting if it is prescribed. A prescription doesn’t alter it or make it safer, but a lot of people are fooled into thinking this, aren’t they?

If I recall correctly, the doc who put Rebecca Riley on all those drugs was never faulted and is still practicing. Wow, that is sad.

Welcome to 2019. Happy New Year.

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