Yes, I have tried CBD, and this is why I don’t recommend it (or not recommend it)

I have never known an essential oil that did anything it claimed to do. NONE! Lavender oil did nothing for insomnia and actually kept me awake due to the terrible odor. Same with holy basil oil (holy basil as an herb is useful, though!).

CBD oil is so overpriced that it is a sin. I bought a bottle during the time I was absolutely desperate to get a decent night’s sleep. I tried using one of those infusers, putting it on cotton and stuffing the cotton into my nose, putting it right onto my skin under my nose, and finally, snorting it and drinking it (diluted with a little sesame oil so it wouldn’t burn me). What was the result? No effect on sleep. None. No effect on anything else. No magic, no evidence that CBD oil does anything but stink.

Here’s an article confirming my own conclusions, which I admit were based on my own self-experimentation ONLY which, I suppose, you may argue is only one person’s experience (as they say, “anecdotal evidence”)…..

Click on the pic above to get to the New York Times article.

5 thoughts on “Yes, I have tried CBD, and this is why I don’t recommend it (or not recommend it)”

  1. I tried CBD (Highly Concentrated) the kind you put under your tounge. It “helped” alleviate the pain from my torn rotator cuff. I also took an anti-inflammatory with it and it “seemed” to work.
    A friend gave it to me. It was not so great that I would recommend it or even buy more. It tasted like fresh cut grass. (Lawn grass not weed) YUCK! Honestly I like Sativa not Indica. Indica is the CBD dominant cannabis that people use for physical pain. I was never a supporter of “Medical Marijuana” . Handing over a healing plant to Big Pharma is a terrible idea. Im not paying $350 for “permission” to possess and smoke a plant! The dispensary’s are overpriced too. I believe you lose something while processing the plant. The plant has a life force or energy that can not be replicated in a lab. Why does everyone screw with nature???

    1. I have heard that real weed is great for insomnia. I very much want to try it. I know one kind is better than the other to put you to sleep. However, I don’t want to go the medical route. The reason is that I’d have to see a doctor, get diagnosed with insomnia, and then what? They’re likely to insist on sending me to a sleep lab first and sending me to a shrink, medical MJ being the “last resort” when I want it to be the very first. I would rather get it illegally, screw the doctors. I do not know anyone who sells it, though.

      1. Your right, it’s the last resort and not covered by insurance. Here in Arizona PTSD is one of the qualifying conditions to get the card but they put an extra stipulation on that one condition. You have to be in “active treatment” for PTSD. That means therapy or pills or both….No thanks to both!

        1. Yeah, I have tried that route but not with local docs. You can’t really see a therapist for psych abuse because they will send you right back to psych! I would rather go it alone.

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