2018 is almost over!

It is hard to believe. This year is almost over. What have you done this year? What have you accomplished?

Me? I turned 60. Finally out of my 50s at last. I was awfully glad of that. I’m still alive, still kicking. How about you? If you are reading this, you’re alive. Don’t argue!

Let’s see. What else….I got hired. I got fired for the first time in decades. I found out, for the first time, what a “toxic workplace” was and survived getting bullied by my supervisor. I’m fine.

I experienced my very first scam job in February. I have seen a few scams since then. There are a lot of scams out there, especially in the work-at-home genre. Beware.

I attended life coach school in 2017, but it was in 2018 that I made the decision that I did not really want to be a life coach after all.

I started the project, “Forced Psychiatry,” which has not been fruitful as I have not had enough submissions to publish the book. Mostly this has been because I expected Mad in America to help out by agreeing to publicize in their blog section, but they did not agree and in fact, refused to allow me to do so, due to editorial favoritism. Had they agreed, I imagine the project would have gotten off to a decent start. I am on the verge of ending it, sadly.

I gave a number of decent speeches for Toastmasters. I entered their speech contest also, and competed at the Area level. I gave a speech at the Area Christmas party also, which came off very well, I must say!

I found out my blood levels indicate I don’t have long to live. After that, I ran two road races. I came in 8th in one of them and won in my age group. I got another blood test about a week ago which showed I have even less time to live. Then, I went back to the gym and ran 5k and wondered if those tests mean anything at all.

I started and have almost completed my new book, Life After Lithium.

I have a decent job that I have been working since May.  I just picked up a second position with the same company. Because I am working as an independent contractor SSA counts my work months back-dated as since January. This means I have completed my nine months trial work period as of October 1st, and no longer “qualify” as dis-abled. This also means that they are likely to send me a statement around February telling me they are stopping my “benefits” and that I owe them money. When they send me a statement telling me I’m not dis-abled, I’m framing it.

I purchased the frame already. In the dollar store. Because I’m cheap.

I dated for about three weeks. I got cataract surgery and now I can see. I injured my food and that healed in ten days. I had a tick in my scalp. I went to the clinic (not far from here) and a nurse took the tick out for me. They gave me antibiotics which were likely unnecessary and I had a mild bad reaction to them, which did not require medical attention but was annoying.

I made new friends. Which makes me happy. I made more friends than I lost this year.  Is that a selfish thing to do?

My credit score went up. I have to check it because I think it went up again, too. This is inevitable if you become employed, folks. Up up up the ladder. It does feel good. If you have better credit you qualify for all sorts of goodies. Never mind I’m getting older and when I am 65, I get to ride all the buses for free. Nyah nyah.




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