More commentary on Duncan Capicchiano’s “Kidney Coach” program

Overall, I’m impressed with this program. Duncan has a lot of useful information on his site that you can access for free. I have also purchased his ebook and program just to test it out and see what more I can glean from him.

If you contact them you’ll have to verify that you really did purchase the ebook. Unfortunately this took me about a week to get done because my PayPal email address isn’t my usual email. They did not have me listed under my usual email where I was actually receiving all the material, but listed under my PayPal email. If you don’t supply this information to them they will not answer any of your questions, so be sure you have all your info correct. If you don’t know which email you used you can contact ClickBank. They have a customer service number and they have helpful humans that answer the phone, not bots.

Meanwhile, I already had the ebook and I read the whole thing and soaked up all the recommendations and tips. I followed his program as best as I could over the next few months.

Result? Improved health and improved quality of life, but still, kidney function decreased. It’s possible that the decrease slowed as a result of using Duncan’s program. I show no outward signs of kidney disease at all. No itchy skin, no swelling in my feet and ankles, minimal muscle cramping (please, do not confuse this with menstrual or digestive cramping, these are not the same thing!) which I already knew how to remedy prior to doing Duncan’s program. In my last blood test they did not test hemoglobin, but that, apparently, has improved to normal levels as of August anyway. I no longer feel fatigued because my blood is better quality overall than it was before. What’s amazing is that I can sit here at my desk 6-7 hours and STILL, my feet and legs do not swell up and my shoes aren’t painfully tight at the end of the day, another sign that your kidneys aren’t working right. This used to be a very bad problem for me, but now I just don’t have that anymore.

I did notice my weight dropped. I suspect this is due to absence of swelling, but I am not entirely sure. Apparently it is noticeable to some observers, which surprises me because the amount of weight loss (in pounds) is so small, but of course I’m only 5’1″ and tiny to begin with.

I do feel stronger physically and lighter on my feet. I feel amazingly energetic, too. I used to regard certain house chores with dread. Now I just do these things, such as cleaning up huge messy spills thoroughly rather than doing a half-arsed job.

Work performance has been fine. I am not noticing those annoying little things that happen when your cognition isn’t up to snuff. Some people tell me that on psych drugs, in particular Clozaril, they “fish for words” and can’t quite find them. This is a known side effect of that drug. Word recall problems have been studied and documented. Imagine the brain damage that drug could cause a person!

Anemia, which I had for years, will cause constant fatigue that never really goes away. You’re likely to feel down or depressed when you are anemic, or exhausted constantly, or like you just don’t have the energy to make it through the day.Your cognition will suffer, in particular, short-term memory, and you might even get disoriented or have trouble reading maps or following directions.  I never feel like that anymore, but this was an issue for me for years. I never realized it was possible to get over the anemia, but it is!

I believe Duncan’s program is good if you have only rudimentary knowledge of natural medicine, or no knowledge whatsoever. His program might be a radical shift for anyone with “unhealthy lifestyle.” My lifestyle wasn’t “unhealthy.” I was already aware of a lot of what he recommended and found that just about all his recommendations were repeats of what other naturopaths say, with the exception of his special type of “kidney tea.” He will give you a recipe for this.  I found that to have all this info in one place is extremely useful for anyone with kidney disease.

Duncan also supplies a basic shopping list. It is well laid out and makes sense, unlike other similar “shopping lists” I’ve seen that are overall less helpful. You may, or may not want to print this out and bring it to the grocery store. You do have to remember that some of the foods are called by their Australian name. If you live outside of Australia you might have to ensure you have the right local terminology. For your convenience he sometimes supplies alternate terms for those of us who are foreigners.

Duncan doesn’t spam people. You’ll get a week’s worth of useful (or not-so-useful) newsletters and nothing after that unless you are subscribed to his blog, which I guess I forgot to do. If you purchase the ebook you can write to them and they’ll respond, but the responses are less than helpful, usually consisting of “ask your doctor.” These are not sent by Duncan but by someone else in his office named Erika.

I felt baffled as to why Erika repeated referred me to the doctor I supposedly have…but choose not to have. I felt it was a copout. Most other naturopaths will not do that! The ones I respect the most will not cop out. They’ll answer questions instead of assuming your doctor is even competent.

I have found that some naturopaths work within the medical system, while others work radically away from anything Western Med. I would recommend the latter type.

Don’t even trust a naturopath who insists on communicating with your PCP or nephrologist, or makes you sign away your privacy. BE CAREFUL! I wrote to one who sent me paperwork stating that she would not communicate with my doctor except with my permission. NO WAY! Of course that means she will. This practitioner insisted that you have to see a Western doctor and sign a paper to that effect. Isn’t that defeating the purpose of naturopathy? I looked over the papers and realized that signing all that gave her permission to go over my head in certain instances. I told her I would “look over the paperwork and get back to her.” Of course I have no plans to do so, no plans to go any further with her. Never mind the high cost for a consultation.

Duncan’s ebook is about $65 USD, depending on the exchange rate. He sends you more than that. You get a CD’s worth of audio and also a lot of other ebooks. All these materials are excellent and I don’t think $65 is unreasonable, either. His reputation seems solid, also. I don’t think he ever invades anyone’s privacy the way the above naturopath apparently does.

Overall, I’d say four stars, but I hate giving star ratings since that alone won’t tell you much. I will be putting a link to Duncan’s website in my ebook called Life After Lithium.

You’ll be able to find a full list of additional resources at the back of the book, in the Appendices. I’ll be including my own personal annotation with each resource. I’ll be linking to various studies, listing books you should read or might take note of, news articles, and audio/video resources.

I’m taking next week off to work on the book while the rest of you are stuck putting on an act while you visit with family and maybe even have to put up with relatives you don’t like, then, of course likely having to go through a recovery period from it as well. Good luck!

5 thoughts on “More commentary on Duncan Capicchiano’s “Kidney Coach” program”

  1. I am writing to find out if your labs are better since you wrote this blogg entry on 12/23/18 regarding Duncan Cappicchiano’s “The Kidney Disease Solution. Under the third paragraph of this article titled” Results” you wrote your lab numbers had continued to “decrease” indicating lower kidney function, am I correct. You also quickly sited how symptoms and actual feelings of well being as being improved.
    It is a bit confusing, wouldn’t you agree?

    1. What people have to realize, and what I found out, was that the number in the lab report likely has less significance than overall health. I did see improvement in the actual numbers but that, I’d say, took several months. I had to modify the program, also. As a person whose kidney disease comes from a pharmaceutical, lithium, I found out that there are significant differences between my type of kidney disease and the usual type that comes from “bad lifestyle” or diabetes. I found out that I do not have to restrict potassium at all! I have to load up on potassium-rich foods because I lose potassium rapidly if I do not. When I am out of the house I carry potassium pills that I have cut in half already. I only take a half and I only use it in a dire emergency when I know my potassium has dropped.

      Also, most kidney patients have to restrict fluids. I do not, because my kidneys filter out too much fluid, not too little. So I ignore that and drink as much as thirst requires. To balance out fluids properly I have to consume 6 liters of water per day in winter and up to 20 liters per day in summer.

      I do not eat any salt whatsoever if I can help it. After doing Duncan’s program for only a few weeks I noticed I felt better. I no longer have anemia, which is like a miracle since I was told I’d have permanent anemia. It’s been ages since I had itchy skin. I’d say years. I feel much better not being anemic. It is like night and day.

      As I said, after about six months or so I did notice improvement in the actual creatinine level. I reduced protein and now am watching my phosphorus also. However, when you get to where I am, which I admit is rather down there in kidney functioning, you can use activated charcoal to reduce both phosphorus and uremia. You have to watch out with that, too, but I think it’s safer to wipe out all your nutrients periodically and then, replenish, than it is to be way overloaded with certain minerals and other waste, which will kill you.

  2. thank you Sara, It was encouraging to see the improvement in your creatinine levels. Do you have any agreements with Duncan to share results on your blogg from his program?
    Want to share a product called : Boneup which has many essential minerals. They act as a sleep aid for me and perhaps you might have some luck with it. I purchase it here at the Wholefoods.

    1. His audiobook is really good. I would recommend it. It’s stuff about overall health that in fact jives with what I have been saying myself over the past few years. He advocates making your own decisions, which many people don’t quite understand and I think he explains it in a very accessible and logical manner. I find in his literature (well worth the price, by the way) that sometimes he refers people to their physicians too much. I suspect this may be for legal reasons.

      Anytime you find a naturopath what you should expect would be a disclaimer stating that any decision you make is yours and that he/she does not make any claims to cure anything. This is not only expected, but as far as I am concerned, mandatory. If the naturopath demands to communicate with your doctor, I’d stay far away! One of them sent me her paperwork and as soon as she asked for my doctor’s contact information I knew I should not get involved. Some do say that if you want them to work in conjunction with your doc, they will, but I actually do not see any doctors at all!

      I have the issue with wanting to replicate some of Duncan’s advice in my book, but nothing that I have not tested out on myself. If a bit of advice is also duplicated by other naturopaths, I figure it is safe to put into print and I won’t be violating anything.

      I do agree that cardio is likely okay for you given the benefits, but strength training would be less desirable. Running strengthens muscles, too, but not the way strength training does. Running strengthens your heart (proven!) and can lower blood pressure and overall make you feel awesome. It is great to prevent falls that could be devastating later in life. I discovered this on my own but Duncan also says the same thing. If you are just starting with exercise he recommends yoga, likely also a good idea.

    2. The problem with Bone-up is that it contains a whopping dose of calcium. Also, in bones you have phosphorus, which is problematic also. For this reason, I cook all my dog’s food with bones in, since she needs these minerals and bones will give her a good balance. But for me, if I ever have meat (rarely) I do not leave the bone in.

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