ABUSE!!! Patriots assigned 1:1 to Josh Gordon prior to suspension! Privacy invasion!

Here’s the article:


So there you have it. Abuse. I can’t tell you how horrible it is to be on 1:1 monitoring and not have one private moment to yourself. People who have never been through this don’t have a clue how invasive it is. Of course, it depends on the 1:1 people, but imagine being stared at 24/7 for weeks on end.  People have inborn need to be alone now and then, like, say, in the bathroom, right? In the shower, when you are dressing, etc, and during other times of day also. Imagine NOT ONE PRIVATE PHONE CONVERSATION. Not one! Imagine being fucking “followed” like you’re a toddler. Infantalizing and insulting, too. The only human beings who should ever have 1:1 are babies, but even babies can be left alone in their cribs if they’re asleep.

So that was the answer the Pats had to “fix” the situation…I don’t have a bit of respect for what they did. No wonder Gordon didn’t succeed. No wonder he rebelled. No wonder. They treated him like shit, that’s why. And look how gracefully he left…wonder what he was really thinking inside.

1:1 babysitting isn’t an answer. It’s abuse. Get with it, Pats.

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