Same struggle, winter after winter

Every winter I struggle to stay warm. No matter how high I turn up the heat I cannot get warm enough! Do you have the same problem? It seems like the winter cold gets inside of me and won’t come out! It’s in my bones and sometimes the only solution is to curl up with Puzzle under the covers to warm up. Right now I’m wasting electricity blowing a blower on my freezing cold feet, and I haven’t even stepped outside. They’re still cold, numb, and hurting bad because of the cold. This is not arthritis, just cold, cold cold. My hands are like icicles and I often wear gloves to bed even though my heat is now working. I don’t dare take my hat off. Are you like this too? I wear a hat to bed, tied to my head. What the fuck?

I was always the cold one. Always the one who insisted that someone please turn the heat up…I’m FREEZING.  This is the case even if I go running in the morning. Two hours later, I’m freezing all over again.

What is the solution? I pray for a hot flash and I don’t even get that. When is summer coming round again? How about that global warming? I want some! Send some my way, please!

This embarrasses me, too. Those do-gooders out there who claim that people who turn up their heat are wasting planetary resources. To you who claim that, please, please, UP YOURS! How many television sets, washing machines, cars, and microwaves do you have? Go to hell and stay there!

Oh that felt good and warmed me up just to say that.

I looked for a foot-warmer at Walmart but it seems to be mis-filed on their website. They don’t really have it at my local Walmart and it’s overpriced at Amazon. Walmart’s was $20 and I refuse to pay $50 for one. It’s better to use an electric foot-warmer than to blow air on my feet which is more costly. Maybe I should burn kerosene again which actually warms the house better than the central heating. It just seems so freezing all the time. Maybe the air pressure isn’t right or the humidity is too low for the heat to distribute. It feels constantly cold in here and the heat turns on so much I fear I am throwing my money away on the central heating unnecessarily.

I’m not sure a humidifier is allowed on the lease. Even if it isn’t I can boil water on my hotplate and the steam might help the heat distribute through the air better. I read that when the humidity is too low or too high you can heat the heck out of the place for naught. Remember in Uruguay when my place was too humid in winter and the wood stove did jack shit to heat my home? That was because the humidity was too high for ideal heating conditions. I kept running the wood stove and the heat never left that corner. Ever. I think I need to run a pot of water on the hotplate and then, see if that helps.

It really is very dry here. This part of Western Pennsylvania is closer to Ohio and we’re close to Appalachia and West Virginia. People even commute from WV to Pittsburgh to go to work. It is extremely mountainous. We don’t get the Lake Effect here the way Erie does. Central and Eastern PA are much more humid, being closer to the ocean. In the higher elevations, parts of NC or the mountains of Virginia it’s so dry it’s a serious fire risk, especially in fall. I’ve noticed my clothes dry in an instant. My hair dries fast in winter, too.

I’m tired of struggling to stay warm every winter. Some days I wear my heavy winter boots all day indoors just to make sure my feet don’t freeze. If I keep only my shoes on my feet will get like icicles and I have to thaw them out. I don’t like having to do that because then my entire body gets a chill.

Well, this is trivial, so……I think I’ll go feed Puzzle which is far more important.

See you later.

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