Tests you can have done without a doctor

If you have back pain you can get your gait assessed for free! Here is how you get it done. Go to your local running store and tell the store associate you’re interested in purchasing a pair of running shoes. Which store should you go to? NOT a mall store! Not a brand store such as Nike or Reebok. You might have to go to Reddit or a runners forum to find out where the really classy running store is in your area. I would suggest going to the city. Don’t go to some rinky-dink store out in the country. Go to the classiest running specialty store in town. This store is likely to be mobbed the day of your local city marathon and thereabouts. Good! That’s the store. In Boston, it’s Marathon Sports. So you want to go to a store like that, where the store associates really know runners’ feet.

They will ask to see you walk, likely barefoot. They’ll ask you to walk back and forth and they’ll examine your gait. Congratulations, you are getting a better exam right now than you did in six years of ortho appointments, wasteful surgeries, and pain killer addiction.

The store associate is likely to tell you you have a certain type of gait which means you need a certain type of shoe. Also they’ll tell you you need a certain fit of shoe. They might tell you the source of knee and back pain is that you’re wearing the wrong shoes and have been for years…or decades.

The store associate might suggest inserts even. Take this advice very seriously. Do you want back pain and knee pain, or do you want relief? Have any of the fools you’ve seen in the past few decades even looked at what you wear on your feet (say what? high heels? Flip-flops?) and asked you to wear something healthy and sensible? Of course not! If you did, they wouldn’t be making money off of you!

Now, try on the various pairs of shoes they offer. You don’t have to purchase. Make note of the types. If they say, “support” take note of that. Memorize the model numbers and take note of what they say about your gait. This is key, the test results are in!

Do you pronate? Do you have high arches? Flatter feet? Is one foot longer than the other? All of the above will tell you why your back and knees hurt. All of these things are connected.  Congratulations. You’ve just solved your back problem.

Free test #2…..

In most states you can get your blood tested without a doctor. You can do your own sugar testing. You can purchase sugar testing equipment and it isn’t even expensive anymore. That is, if you really care about that stuff. Why bother with a doctor if you can find out for yourself! Skip the checkup and the demeaning lecture.

You can get most blood tests unless you live in certain states. I found this out. Here in PA I can get most any test I want without a prescription. Many people get drug tests so that they know ahead of their employers whether they’ll pass the screenings. Or they pay for a pregnancy test that their parents don’t find out about. I get kidney tests and I don’t want any doctor (or the local hospital system, or my insurance) knowing my creatinine level. Just use a search engine and look up “blood test without prescription” and you’ll see what I mean. If you live in one of those states that doesn’t allow it you can do this via “home testing.” I am not sure it’s as accurate, though.

I would not want to get a blood test and then suddenly get a call from the prescribing doctor demanding that I go to a hospital. That would be a privacy invasion. I would rather look at the results and make a decision for myself. You alls know what that decision would be.

Do I really want them taking away my ability to decide for myself? Do I want them giving me drugs without my consent via IV? Do I want them giving me unnecessary or dangerous drugs? Do I want them fudging my records if they make an error? I cannot risk these things, as any of these mishaps could kill me.

This is why I have blood tests done privately without a doctor. For my own use only. For my own information and access only. No one can threaten me based on these tests. I didn’t see anything about police accessing them, either, and I don’t see why the cops would care about my creatinine level…why should they?

You can get a home blood pressure monitor. Are they accurate? Some are. They make them better all the time. Now if your doctor tells you he/she wants you in for a “blood pressure check” I keep wondering why the waste! Just check it home and cancel the appointment! Save yourself some bucks.

You can weigh yourself on a bathroom scale. If your doctor insists on a “weight check,” that, too, is a waste. Weigh yourself at home and cancel the appointment. There is NO MAGIC to the doctor’s scale except the insane doctor bill. Nowadays a bathroom scale is just as accurate and you pay a lot less to use it yourself. If you want to know kilograms, use an online converter or better yet, do the math.

Know what I do when a doc schedules an appointment for me? I write it down and say nothing. Then when the reminder comes I tell them I can’t make it. “I’m sorry, I was called into work that day. Okay, I will call you and let you know when I can reschedule.” Then, I just don’t call. I’ve never had them call and pester me. They just never call again. Sometimes I return the call and tell them I relocated, which will ensure I don’t get pestered. What are they going to do? Track me down via Facebook or try to drive by my place to see if my car is in the driveway? Good luck! My car drove off some 30 years ago……

What are doctors good for? They have a few uses, so listen up. They’re really good at removing bullets and setting broken bones. If you’re ever hit by a drunk driver and you smash something, go see one and see to it that putting you back together is ALL they do! No extras. You can do without the flu shot, extra checkups, wellness tips, vaccines, lectures telling you to lose weight, drugs for your invisible illnesses you didn’t know you had, anticoagulants, antacids, muscle relaxants, antidepressants because they claim you are depressed after the accident, extra xrays, mammogram, testicle exam, sleeping pills and psychotherapy and day treatment just because it’s all covered. You’ve already been hit by a drunk driver. Do you want to be killed, too?

Point made. Good night.

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  1. I need to find a test for blood in my stool without sitting around a doctor’s half the day. There was some unambiguous blood in my ostomy bag a couple days ago after the very first time I made it for 90 uninterrupted minutes on my treadmill and some suspicious looking output a couple times since then. I’m not sure it was from working out too hard or something deeper in my gut.

    1. You can have that done for $74 without a doc prescription and Ohio allows it.
      The following states do not. You could travel out of state or mail away, though. New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Massachusetts Those states are small enough that you can just commute to a lab if you really wanted to. Of course you can go the doc route, get the lecture, unnecessary and harmful tests, poking and prodding, etc, additional criminal record and privacy invasion and a bill, only to get your answer: a shrug.

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