I tried to join Costco. Thankfully, I stopped before I joined. You have to walk into the store to pick up your card. They don’t mail you the cards. My nearest store is totally inaccessible to anyone who does not have a vehicle, in the snobby town of Cranberry. Cranberry took down its bus system, refusing to allow bus riders to have access. That’s how snobby they are there. I have no desire to set foot in Cranberry, though I went through there once…it is very ugly there, bunch of concrete, all stores and shit.

I called up the store and they were rude and snobby. They refused to budge, saying they would not bend their policies. After all, I might be some fraudster. Of course I am! They told me I can go to Cleveland, after all! Sure I can…..

Two hours by bus into Pittsburgh, wait for that once-a-day Amtrak, then, take the Amtrak to Cleveland (how many hours is that, five or six?), go to Costco, then, pay for a hotel in Cleveland, then, take the Amtrak back, then, take a two-hour bus back home. Will Costco pay for the dog sitter, night in a hotel, Amtrak fare, and time off of work? Why doesn’t Costco pay for a bus system to Cranberry, too?

Bye, bye, Costco. Much as I hate Amazon and Walmart, I’m stuck with them. I’m looking into Target too. I hear they deliver.

4 thoughts on “Costco….boo……”

  1. Hi Julie, I checked and was surprised to discover that there’s actually a Costco that’s reachable- barely- by public transit in the east suburbs of Cleveland. But that’s via a rolling petri dish…. excuse me… bus… packed with people sneezing in your face, and carrying packages on it can be a real ordeal. You should have seen me lugging my new pc home from microcenter on it. I never want to do that again.

    1. I can get to one, but it’s two hours into Pittsburgh and then, I gotta get to Robinson which is nearly an hour west of Pittsburgh and likely I have to wait quite a while to transfer. My mail goal to join was to have water delivered. I’m tired of filtering it. I suspect having it delivered might be cheaper than purchasing the expensive filters. Our water is UNDRINKABLE! Which reminds me….I want to walk into our town offices with a cup and ask them to DRINK THE TOWN WATER!!!! They claim it’s tested…but have they taste-tested it? No one can drink it!! My water bill is higher than my heating bill.

  2. You don’t need the plastic membership card in your hand to order online. They deliver quickly and have good prices. I don’t understand why having the card not mailed to you is such a big deal? I order all the time and have never step foot in a store, nor have I had a Costco card for all my years of membership.

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