Alternate use for Generic Spray ‘n Wash

I purchased generic spray-on laundry stuff from Dollar General a while back because it was on sale. I have never used it on my laundry. I don’t think I ever will. Spray ‘n Wash is likely not much more than detergent…but I’m not really sure! It depends on the brand. I have kept it around for odd cleaning chores.

Here’s an oddball use for the stuff: I discovered that it makes decent floor polish and also it’s a pee deterrent if your dog is older, as is mine. I’m not sure if all brands of Spray ‘n Wash will work like this or if this brand is particularly offensive to dogs.

Here is how you can polish your floor with the stuff. You can likely use regular liquid laundry detergent also, but please use it sparingly. (I am sure that the regular liquid does not smell the same.)

You will want to use only a few drops, very few. I have this stuff in a spray bottle and am spraying it sparingly over the clean floor. Then I take a paper towel and rub it into the floor and scrub real hard. That’s it!

I have also discovered a way to deodorize the floor if you really have to…but you have to be diligent and energetic about cleaning if you’re going to attempt this. Put some baking soda into a spice shaker and shake it all over the slightly damp floor. Then, sweep up the baking soda, mop, and then, let it dry overnight and then sweep and mop all over again until all the baking soda is gone. You don’t want your pets walking on it until you’ve got all the white powder swept up off the floor. Doing this should make a huge difference. I have heard that you can powder your carpets this way also.  Theoretically, activated charcoal would work great to get any odors out of the floor…but I would hesitate to use it for obvious reasons. You can polish with the laundry stuff after you use the baking soda to deter your dog from any repeat offenses.

That said, Puzzle turned 12 on Monday without much fanfare or to-do because I had to work on Monday. I did not work on Tuesday but all my days off have been wrecked by this real estate situation. The real estate people have been coming daily and I have been unable to leave the house due to these intrusions on my privacy.

I am not sure what to do about the real estate situation. I have tried to look into what the law says and what protections I have. If I live here, and I am on a year’s lease, then am I not protected against any willy-nilly intrusion by a real estate person and prospective buyers? This is now twice a day, people peering into my private life here, disturbing me and scaring Puzzle.

Tomorrow they are coming during a time that I will be working. My break is timed for the time of their arrival, but still I will need to end my previous shift early to ensure that there’s no overlap, and if they’re late I will miss my next shift. Yes this is highly disruptive and interferes with my work life! I don’t see why I should sacrifice my job status just so this real estate person can make a buck or two.

If I was moving, and if the understanding were that people were coming here to move in to take my place, that would be a bit more understandable, but that’s not the situation. I’m not moving. I have just renewed my lease and it’s good for another year.

What can I do but polish the floor? Maybe if I’m lucky someone will slip on it. Or see their own reflection in it. Will I be held responsible if the shiny floor cracks when they say, “Mirror mirror”? Then what? What if Puzzle decides to eat the intruders for lunch? Will that solve the problem?

Happy birthday, Puzzle……..

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    1. Thank you! I should take a birthday pic of her! She’s been asking for extra food for the occasion (no surprise there….)

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