Decent employment advice….with my commentary

My commentary:

Certain lies on your resume are likely so minor that it’s not going to matter much, but I agree with the writer of the article here…If you did, don’t fess up!  What matters is going to be job performance, so you shouldn’t lie about your qualifications. If you were fired from a job 20 years ago and you end up with this question, “Have  you ever been dismissed from a job?” Please do not check the “yes” box. The new employer doesn’t care that McDonald’s fired you when you were a kid. They will care if your last employer fired you for stealing from the company…Don’t steal!

If you were fired from your last job you can a) leave it off your resume if you can do without it and cover your tracks with other, relevant positions, or b) put it on if it looks good but leave off the dates and location. You could use other positions as your last three jobs and then, say somewhere on the resume, “I have also worked for….” and list all the other ones that didn’t end up in the Top Three list.

I can’t stress enough, if you are sick don’t admit it if possible. If you went through a long illness such as cancer I would leave that out of conversation as well. Never admit to any sort of hospitalization unless you went in to have a baby. Any sort of illness or long-term injury is going to scare them into not hiring. Don’t tell them you’re allergic to common household products used in their workplace. If you are, don’t work there. As soon as you bring up special treatment even if you have what you think is a valid disability…well, it better be very valid and I would not bring it up until after you are hired. Missed days of work due to therapy appointments does not look good to an employer. Tell your therapist you need to move the appointments and if they refuse…what the heck are you doing seeing this therapist who expects you to skip work to see them?

It’s none of their business if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, family history of heart trouble, or like me, kidney disease. Do you think my employer knows I have CKD? Are you kidding? Don’t use any disease as an excuse for poor work performance or you are likely to get canned.  I know a lot of people who took too many sick days and were let go. Legal or not it is going to happen. It’s rare that anyone I knew who ended up in the nuthouse had their old job when they got out. Surprise, surprise. Not unless this was a high-skill salaried position. I know a few people who lied about their whereabouts the entire time they were in and that saved their employment status….but of course there’s no telling when they’ll set you loose from those places.

I worked 11 hours Friday, 11 hours Saturday, 7-1/2 hours Sunday, and yesterday, 11-1/2 hours. For this, I received the usual threatening email in my inbox. I keep wondering about this client, the retailer.

Are they so ungrateful toward their employees, or, rather, their contracted workers that they don’t even bother to thank us? With all the gratitude-touting around this time of year, you’d think the retailer would learn a bit of it, eh? I am so tired of the threats. These emails are ruining the job for me. I’m not alone, either.

Today I picked up another contract with another client. This is not a retailer. It is more like a tech support position. I want to see if this client treats us a little better than the selfish, capitalist retailer. We were pushed into working many, many hours and I feel satisfied about making my customers very happy….but not so happy that it feels like it was all for naught given how shitty we’ve been treated now that the weekend is over.

This is not a “toxic workplace.” DialAmerica was definitely toxic. I have no other words for it. There’s no comparison between DialAmerica and the company I work for now. None.

I was rehashing my DialAmerica memories today. I remember how the supervisor favorited certain workers who, oddly, never seemed to work at all. They yapped all during the shift and I watched them…they never picked up the phone or took a call.

I would say that the sup bullied me, looking over the definition of workplace bullying. Right away, on my very first day out of training she took me aside and belittled me until I had to ask her directly to please stop.

That’s when she said, “I’m not belittling you. I’m showing you opportunities for improvement.” By the way, that’s just a code term for, “I don’t want to admit I am treating you shitty. Just shut up.” They picked on other workers, too. The picked-on workers quit early on.

Finally I was so fed up with the way she continuously mocked me I tried to go higher up to complain. At this point, the trainer, who usually didn’t work the floors, took me aside and told me to tolerate this supervisor. “She’s really a nice person. You have to realize that she just is that way.”

Was this a sign that they planned to ditch her, eventually, too? Or force her to quit?

Because she made me sit so closely to her I overheard her make an awful lot of personal calls, one after another, when she was supposed to be working. I can’t imagine she is there still.

Anyway, my new job isn’t like that. I think they’re much more ethical. People tend to like it there. Some clients are better to work for than others. If the new client is tons better I will quit the retailer at nearest opportunity. It just isn’t the best tone to work under, when we are pushed to work more hours and then, bashed because they didn’t like the job we did. It is endless and frustrating.

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