Balancing haphazard vs rigid lifestyle

Many people who suffer from ED also tend to have trouble balancing rigid order vs lack of orderliness in their lives. You likely know folks on either end of the orderliness spectrum and some in-between.

Structure is a natural part of our lives. The sun rises and falls, we have darkness and light, we have change of seasons, stores open during the day and close at night and the bus system runs on a schedule. Those who are employed or who go to school have a built-in schedule also.

Outside of this, is your life orderly or haphazard, or something in-between? Is all your time scheduled or do you leave some time as “free time” when you can choose, at the moment, between a variety of activities you enjoy?  If your plans have to change unexpectedly, can you handle this okay or do you find you fall apart?

Many with ED tend to be overly rigid, or, rather, they lead a lifestyle that is more rigid than it needs to be to the point where they feel overwhelmed if anything goes amiss with the set plans they have for themselves. Still others might be the opposite and could use more orderliness and planning. They might benefit and feel more in control if they could follow through instead of breaking the commitments they make to themselves and to others. This might even spill over into how we eat, in fact, likely it does.

I am surprised that in ED “treatment” the idea of “care” means everyone is assumed to be alike and the idea is to take away the rights of all patients and force them onto an unnatural, rigid schedule that isn’t of their own design. I can’t believe such an arrangement can be considered curative at all! They are kept like that and their insurance milked dry and then, they are set loose and when they exit, told, “See you next time!” with the assumption that they are bound to return for more of the same.

So that’s supposedly “treatment.” They are set up to fail again and again. This is the idea! The grand design! Turn them into Frequent Flyers because it’s profitable and make it into a trendy little club they call “the milieu.” Ever notice it doesn’t work?

I think that realizing it doesn’t work is half the battle! Change your mind!  Try something different! It is never too late! Never!

I think it’s time we made psych (and ED) incarceration history. Don’t go back and that way, they will not be able to make any money anymore. All the nuthouses and feeding farms will close down for lack of customers. Hey, Cyber Monday, no one’s home here!

Seriously, folks……


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