Black Friday Capitalism Joy

I worked 11 hours today almost solid……. Glad I have heat.

I have posted on WordPress dot com in their “support” section trying to find out why Safari users are having trouble commenting on blogs that use the theme I use, which is a common WordPress theme (in other words, many blogs use it, but this may be the only blog you visit that does….) and I will let you all know in case you are wondering. I have received now a handful of people who say that they are “forced” to log in when trying to comment even though my settings have never demanded this. Apparently this is a known Safari conflict and I am working on a resolution to the issue.

Maybe the WP gurus will just say I need to change my theme. That’s easy to do. Simple fix.

I have found some WP “help” people online you can pay if you can’t get a resolution from your hosting people. It seems no matter who I use for hosting they are totally ignorant about WordPress even if they promise they know all about it. I know more. Been using it for sooooo long I am talking circles around their IT people. If you want answers faster than the “forum”-style answers, might as well pay $20 or so to get someone on the phone that hopefully can solve your issue.  Yes I know when you have to repeat yourself ten times over it is extremely frustrating. Yes, I hang up on them, too. I lie saying I have to “go to work” or “Sorry I have an important client calling.” Yes it is just to get rid of them! I work customer service. Yes, I know.

If I can’t get a resolution from the forums or if they call  me stupid one more time or close my issue before it gets answered I’ll try the pay people. If they give you money back if you aren’t satisfied (since if they suck I sure do not want to pay!).

All that I did before my 11 hour shift.

Now I am just kinda chilling.  I made a lot of customers happy today. I don’t know how many calls I took all total.

I didn’t get my 2-2:30 break.

I might have a chance to do a few things before bed. Tomorrow, another 11-hour day. Sunday, not so bad. Monday, 11 hours. Then, day off.

It’s just the same as working six hours a day in Pittsburgh since I was spending four hours a day commuting. Why not get paid for the time?

Feedback and comments welcome!