Today’s progress

I did not finish my book today but made significant progress. I finished a few chapters I had already started and wrote a few more in entirety. Each chapter is about the length of a blog entry…meaning they vary somewhat. Not a whole lot but some.

I added appendices. One is a “resources” appendix which is to be expected, and the other is a “recipes” appendix. Guess what I am including? As I figure, so many people have asked me for a recipe for dog food that I am including that, too, just for fun. After all, I am writing this book to be helpful and if people find this material helpful, I will include it.

My Salt-Free Thanksgiving Dinner was such an amazing success that if I can possibly recall how on earth I made it I will include the recipe for that, too.

And here it is…..

Salt-Free Homemade Antipsych Thanksgiving Dinner!

First of all, you need to make a totally homemade sauce! You will have leftover sauce when you are all done!

I chopped up a green bell pepper and put it in a pot. Chop it into pieces about 1/2 inch square.

Now add some of those elongated tomatoes, a bag of them, I think five or six total tomatoes. I am not sure what they are called. Italian maybe? These may have been organic. Take out only the top bit, where the stem was, with a knife and then add it to the pot. With a pair of kitchen scissors, cut up to the tomatoes, but do not scratch the pot.

Add two or three large cloves of garlic but I would peel and slice these or chop them before adding.

Add some cut up green onion or I suppose leeks or regular onion will do.

I think I added 1 T of oregano, probably 1/2 T of basil and 1/2 T of dry parsley.

Likely I added 1/4 C of dry whole peas. I would use these over split peas, but if you do not have whole dry peas use frozen peas. DO NOT USE CANNED please.

Also to make this very interesting you could add dry maize. I just didn’t happen to think of it.

I also added sweet potato! Not that much, though, just some cubes of that.

I also added a few Tbsp of whole tapioca. This is for thickening. I would suppose you could do without it.

You may add mushrooms also. I didn’t.

I added zucchini, quite a bit of that. I would chop it up fairly small.

I added a lot, lot, lot of olive oil. Please use very good quality olive oil for this. Not “olive oil blend” because that is adulterated.

I also added fresh ground black pepper and also red crushed pepper.

Now please let that pot sit. Use a thick-walled pot and sit by the fire or watch football for a while.

When you think you’re ready to sit down, or near that time, remove two large organic eggs from the fridge. Break these open into a bowl. I added a few spoonfuls of corn meal (dry polenta will do fine!) and also I added coconut flour, a number of spoonfuls of that. The mixture should be dry so now I added olive oil and also a tiny bit of buttermilk to make it looser. I added chopped garlic, Xanthan gum, and paprika to this frittatta dough.

Chop up a little extra green onion and set it aside in a separate dish.

Now you want to start cooking your pasta. Pasta does not have sodium in it, or shall I say, decent quality pasta does not. Please do not wreck your pasta by cooking it with salt. I use a small rice cooker to cook my pasta.

Melt some salt-free ghee in a cast-iron frying pan. Now, turn your frittatta onto the pan and let that cook. Be careful because it could burn. Turn off the heat if it starts to show signs of burning. The good thing is that it will cook very fast. Turn it over and cook the other side, too.

Now, turn your cooked frittatta onto a large plate and chop it into pieces! Spoon some of your cooked sauce over the pieces! Now, add your cooked pasta and mix around just a little bit. Spoon more sauce over the pasta/frittatta dish and now, top with that green onion you had set aside for a beautiful appearance.

You are done.

Serves two. Or one but there will be leftovers.

Refrigerate all the leftover salt-free sauce and use it for the next creative project!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Bet you forgot about the football game, didn’t you?

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