Dog treats your pooch will drool over!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am taking a break from writing to let you know about some awesome doggie treats I just invented. Try these on your dog is you or your furry pal is bored with the usual!

Go to your produce aisle and load up on those VEGGIES! Now, try this!

Depending on the size of your dog, you will want to cut your veggies into appropriately-sized chunks. A small dog should have zucchini cookies, that is, round zucchini slices.  (Cucumber is okay but peel it first.) A large breed can have a whole zucchini or one cut in half, depending on the size of the veggie. Likewise, you can judge for yourself the size of the veggie chunk of carrot, peeled banana, peeled and cored apple, and so on. And yes, the very favorite, the green been. Please do not give your dog anything in the cabbage family including broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, etc, and do not give your dog kale! Sugar snap peas are fine!

Now, here’s the secret: How about a frozen banana! Imagine your dog sinking his teeth into that! What about a frozen carrot? Wow that would make Puzzle very happy indeed. I think I will go freeze a carrot right now.

I’m thinking unsweetened applesauce would be fine but please, please make sure it contains absolutely nothing but apples (no artificial sweetener, EVER!)

Frozen oranges, anyone?  Yes, please……..The jaws are waiting.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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