Yes we have heat in here!

Yes, we have heat in here! Happy Thanksgiving! I just came back from shopping. I went and got yogurt for Puzzle’s tummy. I discovered the one breakfast cereal that isn’t adulterated with chemicals…well…kinda. This is the closest I get to junk food ever. Shredded wheat. Unless you count the wheat itself. It is nothing but wheat! NO SODIUM! Hard to believe but Shredded Wheat isn’t a propriety food or shall I say, patented. Never mind the annoying packaging. All kinds of companies make the stuff. You could conceivably use it as……
Something to float in your soup
Put on salad
Snack for the kids
Stuff the turkey
Eat before you go running
Eat after you go running
Eat for the next ten days later after Thanksgiving as “leftovers.”

It does look a little more appetizing than Rice Krispie Cakes. I think Walden Behavioral Care wrecked those for me. For life.

Happy Thanksgiving.

And…may the only “sectioning” you ever do…ever again…be grapefruit.

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