What are YOU thankful for?

I am so grateful that I don’t have any thankfulness-pushers around in my life these days. Aren’t you? I can’t stand the gratitude-attitude shove-it-in-your-face touters who walk around with their noses in the air claiming that everyone suffers equally. I do not for one minute believe this is true. They’ll tell you they went through a divorce ten years ago and how that month was “such hell”…and you are there on the bridge holding a sign asking people who are driving by for a few coins please hoping the job you applied for says “yes” finally because it is getting cold out. No, people do not suffer equally. No, the person on the bridge didn’t “do it to himself” and is not a sinner. He simply ran out of luck. Was dealt a bad hand. That is all. Get real.

No, the guy on the bridge isn’t lacking in gratitude. He is cold. I am cold. I spend most of my time these days thinking about how to stay warm. That is how I spend my time and energy. A lot of my 60 years of winters have been like this. Immense fight to stay warm. Even now that I am employed and can afford a decent place. Fighting to stay warm.

Now I have written a letter to the city here explaining my situation. I am calling them first to ask if I should bring the letter or if I can mail it. Might contact the attorney I contacted the other day.

Yes I am grateful that I am not homeless and very grateful to be employed but as for the gratefulness-touters, why don’t they spend their energy helping people stay warm, get jobs, get themselves out of homelessness, instead of wasting energy claiming people should be grateful for their unlucky lot in life? Do you get my point? They are wasting their high-fallutin’ energy. Why not do something useful?

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