Huge news out of Dartmouth College

SEVEN women came forward, six grads and one undergrad, accusing three tenured professors of sexually assaulting them in the form of “hot tub” parties and even groping them out in the open. They were raped and then threatened and told their careers depended on their continuing cooperation. They were forced to “groom” other female students also.

Do you see the parallels? Yes and no, right? Note that if any of them went to the cops, I bet the cops did nothing at all!

The yes and no: Likely, sexual assault is not the norm for Dartmouth College. While it is likely tolerated far too often, unlike what these trustees claim, it is against Dartmouth policies. Are these policies actually enforced?

The parallel: Abuse is not in the written policy for inpatient psych units. While it is against policy and against the law, when it occurs and when a patient or two comes forward, patients’ claims are ignored. Hospital admins claim that the patients were not abused, or claim that the policies were followed or that the records, which have been fudged, claim nothing went wrong. Going to the cops is generally a joke. You get a free ride right back to the place where you were abused.

If I am guessing right, these students felt terrified. Trapped. Cornered. Rape is a crime. Don’t you go to prison for that? Are these profs going to be tried in a court of law, or are they each going to pick up jobs teaching abroad? Hey, Australia, China, New Zealand, be on the lookout for……

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