Heat and cold

I am more sick than I realized from breathing the kerosene fumes. I have had a nonstop headache now 24 hours. I don’t sleep. Well, barely. Likely due to the headache but I am not sure. Freezing at night but I can cuddle with Puzzle and she is cold, too. I have seen her shivering.  Tonight I will get out my warmest sleeping bag that goes down to zero degrees F.

I can’t go out tomorrow because I can’t leave her here in the cold.

It is hard to eat and I have lost weight, too. I cannot bear going outdoors for longer than a minute because it is so cold. I can’t walk Puzzle for very long, either. I can’t stand it out there because it is shivery in here. How I managed to work my entire shift today I am unsure. I wear a heavy coat and two hats all wrapped around me while I sit here and spoil my customers who buy $800 earrings for themselves. Sometimes I run a small electric heater on my feet.

I checked with my physicist brother. He tells me I should not turn on the furnace until the guy comes to tune it up, for safety’s sake. He says there may be a bird’s nest in there or debris. I have been waiting for this tuneup since last April! My brother says these tuneups take five minutes. How can the guy be that backed up that he can’t come and tune the thing up? I have sent messages repeatedly to the management.

Now what? Well, on the amusing side…I’m supposed to answer the phone for work saying, “Hello, thank you for calling ____. My name is Julie. How can I help you?” Sounds real professional, doesn’t it?

On slow days, I sit here and work on my book called Life After Lithium. If I am really into the book I have to stop myself from saying, “Hello, thank you for calling Lithium. My name is Julie. How can I help you?”

I have yet to screw up that way. I have come so darned close, though.

Hmmm….the nutcase blows her cover in an instant! It has not happened. Don’t hold your breath.


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