Minimum wage in various states around the nation

This is something to consider if you are thinking of relocating. I’m not sure what’s up with Alabama. Can they really pay you pennies there? Look at Georgia and Wyoming. Maybe they need to catch up with the times. If min wage is $15 here, will Walmart et al move out? Interesting question. They’ve already closed down an awful lot of department stores here. On the other hand, if employers actually paid that much, folks would want to work all the shit jobs, wouldn’t they? There wouldn’t be shit jobs anymore. Walmart would be classy. People would move out of the slum areas into decent housing. It would change the entire class structure. I doubt the middle and upper classes would like that too much. They wouldn’t want the lower classes intruding upon them and breaking into their turf. The poor are supposed to be stuck with their cake, not hanging out at Whole Foods and Starbucks. Uh oh. Better keep it at $7.25 where it belongs. And don’t let the buses run through the wealthy part of town. Keep the poor outa here.


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