Where is the cheapest area to live in the USA?

I heard from some folks on the bus that Myrtle Beach, SC is cheaper than here. Their information must have been way out of date. On first glance I’m not seeing anything for as cheap as $500.  They also told me that jobs in SC pay less than they do here. I’m unsure if that information is up to date.

Here you will find plenty of places for $400 if you look. I’m not talking “roommates,” either.  Minimum wage is $7.25 but most entry-level shit jobs pay $8 or $9.   My claim still stands. Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Detroit are great places to look if you want to move to if you wish to escape your diagnosis. (Note about Baltimore: Beware of Johns Hopkins as I hear their “hospital” can be problematic!).  These are the places to try, though. Great cheap public transit, economy on the rise, job market on the rise, many possibilities of purchasing property that very well might increase in value. Around Pittsburgh, which is a small city (population 1/3 million), you have the advantage is that the area isn’t cramped like New York or Boston. You’ll get a yard and plenty of space for less money. You will find parks and even forests to roam in or walk your dog.

I hear that the Deep South is extremely cheap but I am not sure which states are best. Does anyone have any experience or know about the prices and job market there? I hear that Florida tends to have a lot of corruption in their court system.

What have you heard? Would love to know what people have heard about prices and what it is like to live in these places.

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    1. Yes, I think there’s a cheap belt running between the cities. Pittsburgh is on the edge of Appalachia. We’re very close to WV. The entire state of WV is likely inexpensive. I don’t think either Ohio or WV has much in the way of public transit, though. They used to, but they got rid of it a long time ago. I hear Ohio’s taxes and overall prices are low. People who are relocating also want to consider climate preference. Snow, rain, humidity, and how hilly the area is. Some people certainly prefer urban over rural, and vice-versa. I am amazed at how many rural areas have great public transit!

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