Lamb beat Rofthus, Casey and Wolf stay…Are Pennsylvanians wising up?

We could have predicted Wolf’s win because from what I hear there wasn’t much competition in the governor’s race. I don’t personally know anyone who dislikes him or his politics. I have written to him many times telling him how happy I am with various decisions he’s made.  He has written back to me even. Sometimes handwritten emails, usually form letters though. I have thanked him telling him how happy and proud I am to live in Pennsylvania.

I am thrilled that we got Rofthus (who can pronounce that, anyway?) out of office. Most of my friends did not like his politics, not that “my friends” are at all representative of what is typical here in Pennsylvania. The state as polarized as can be here. Like Kansas and Missouri, we have eastern and western urban areas with lots of gun-slinging country in-between. Here in Western Pennsylvania only Allegheny County is at all liberal. The rest of the counties are peppered with Christian churches the way mental patients on lithium are dotted with pimples. Not that “Christian” means  “Conservative” but it often does. When I first moved here I found it scary running into so many churches. It is stifling since I’m a Jew and an agnostic. One around the corner, up the street. Down the street. Around the bend. On the other corner. Two blocks away. And so on. I can’t count all of them in this tiny neighborhood here. I keep wondering if all the houses go into foreclosure there will be nothing left but churches.

Still, Lamb won. This is a huge relief to say goodbye to Rofthus at last. It was a quirk that got Lamb in there in the first place after Murphy embarrassed himself. Remember Tim Murphy? The one who pushed the forced mental health “care” agenda? He’s out, as you all know. He wasn’t representing my part of the state, but another part adjacent to Allegheny County. I think part of Washington or Westmoreland County. Those are south of Pittsburgh. Some of those regions are on the affluent side. Now that I am used to Beaver County I don’t think I could get used to anything else. (I said that about Watertown for years….look what happened….).

Lamb replaced Murphy and somehow then our entire state ended up shuffled around due to redistricting. All that took ages to settle because the R’s and D’s argued endlessly over how it should be done.  Such battles are likely a waste of time, mental energy spent on debating, and tax dollars. I’d rather contemplate what to give my dog for dinner.

So if that’s true, should I start a Go Fund Me for the Puzzle’s Dinner Fund? Poor, starving dog, deserving of a choice between 12 different luscious dishes every night, or so she will claim. She will gobble up all 12 though…….

The other day I went out for five minutes, came home and found my latest loaf of homemade bread had disappeared all the sudden. I found it on the floor. There was Puzzle, with a very guilty look on her face and right next her her, a partially-eaten loaf of homemade bread, with half of it hanging right out of her mouth. I so badly wanted my camera right at that moment! I didn’t have it handy. Does this dog really deserve a GoFundMe? Wouldn’t she make a great politician?

Immediately, I stomped my foot right near her. Not because I was pissed, because I wasn’t, but to scare her slightly. That got her so alarmed that she moved away from the bread long enough to free it up so I was able to grab it off the floor and get it away from her. I didn’t scold her. It was unnecessary. It would have ended up shaming her too much. Why put her down when she already knows? You bet she does! I cut off the part she wrecked with her saliva. I gave that to her and the rest I saved. For me. Maybe I’m a decent negotiator and should be the one in politics.

But I’m not.Rufthus is out. Lamb’s in. Let’s see how he does, eh?



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