Rofthus vs Lamb

Around here it’s in all the papers. Who will win? Either you support Congressman Keith Rofthus, or you despise him. From what I hear, the GOP gave up on him and pulled the plug on their ads a while back, mainly because they considered any further support a waste of their money.

Both are incumbents. WTF? Really? Yep. We just had our districts redone, to further complicate matters. Also, Tim Murphy, who was Congressman for another area south of here, ran into some deep trouble, as you all know. Conor Lamb took over when Murphy went down in shame. Lamb has been wildly popular, not only in Allegheny County (understandably), but even in more conservative Beaver County and other areas where you wouldn’t expect a “liberal” to fare so well.

Now back to Rofthus. I’ve been thinking. Have you ever said “Keith Rofthus” aloud? Unlikely, unless you live around here. Even if you do live here, I bet you only read about him. You might hear him mentioned on the tube, or you saw headlines with his name up there multiple times or saw his name Tweeted somewhere. But do you ever say the words, “Keith Rofthus”? Try it.

Now, see what I mean? It’s a tongue-twister, isn’t it? What on earth were his parents thinking when they named him that? Did they not think ahead?

Isn’t Conor Lamb easier to say, with it’s softer consonants? Is this why he’s doing so well? Or is it because people are just fed up and want something new?

Feedback and comments welcome!