Alternate use for Generic Spray ‘n Wash

I purchased generic spray-on laundry stuff from Dollar General a while back because it was on sale. I have never used it on my laundry. I don’t think I ever will. Spray ‘n Wash is likely not much more than detergent…but I’m not really sure! It depends on the brand. I have kept it around for odd cleaning chores.

Here’s an oddball use for the stuff: I discovered that it makes decent floor polish and also it’s a pee deterrent if your dog is older, as is mine. I’m not sure if all brands of Spray ‘n Wash will work like this or if this brand is particularly offensive to dogs.

Here is how you can polish your floor with the stuff. You can likely use regular liquid laundry detergent also, but please use it sparingly. (I am sure that the regular liquid does not smell the same.)

You will want to use only a few drops, very few. I have this stuff in a spray bottle and am spraying it sparingly over the clean floor. Then I take a paper towel and rub it into the floor and scrub real hard. That’s it!

I have also discovered a way to deodorize the floor if you really have to…but you have to be diligent and energetic about cleaning if you’re going to attempt this. Put some baking soda into a spice shaker and shake it all over the slightly damp floor. Then, sweep up the baking soda, mop, and then, let it dry overnight and then sweep and mop all over again until all the baking soda is gone. You don’t want your pets walking on it until you’ve got all the white powder swept up off the floor. Doing this should make a huge difference. I have heard that you can powder your carpets this way also.  Theoretically, activated charcoal would work great to get any odors out of the floor…but I would hesitate to use it for obvious reasons. You can polish with the laundry stuff after you use the baking soda to deter your dog from any repeat offenses.

That said, Puzzle turned 12 on Monday without much fanfare or to-do because I had to work on Monday. I did not work on Tuesday but all my days off have been wrecked by this real estate situation. The real estate people have been coming daily and I have been unable to leave the house due to these intrusions on my privacy.

I am not sure what to do about the real estate situation. I have tried to look into what the law says and what protections I have. If I live here, and I am on a year’s lease, then am I not protected against any willy-nilly intrusion by a real estate person and prospective buyers? This is now twice a day, people peering into my private life here, disturbing me and scaring Puzzle.

Tomorrow they are coming during a time that I will be working. My break is timed for the time of their arrival, but still I will need to end my previous shift early to ensure that there’s no overlap, and if they’re late I will miss my next shift. Yes this is highly disruptive and interferes with my work life! I don’t see why I should sacrifice my job status just so this real estate person can make a buck or two.

If I was moving, and if the understanding were that people were coming here to move in to take my place, that would be a bit more understandable, but that’s not the situation. I’m not moving. I have just renewed my lease and it’s good for another year.

What can I do but polish the floor? Maybe if I’m lucky someone will slip on it. Or see their own reflection in it. Will I be held responsible if the shiny floor cracks when they say, “Mirror mirror”? Then what? What if Puzzle decides to eat the intruders for lunch? Will that solve the problem?

Happy birthday, Puzzle……..

Decent employment advice….with my commentary

My commentary:

Certain lies on your resume are likely so minor that it’s not going to matter much, but I agree with the writer of the article here…If you did, don’t fess up!  What matters is going to be job performance, so you shouldn’t lie about your qualifications. If you were fired from a job 20 years ago and you end up with this question, “Have  you ever been dismissed from a job?” Please do not check the “yes” box. The new employer doesn’t care that McDonald’s fired you when you were a kid. They will care if your last employer fired you for stealing from the company…Don’t steal!

If you were fired from your last job you can a) leave it off your resume if you can do without it and cover your tracks with other, relevant positions, or b) put it on if it looks good but leave off the dates and location. You could use other positions as your last three jobs and then, say somewhere on the resume, “I have also worked for….” and list all the other ones that didn’t end up in the Top Three list.

I can’t stress enough, if you are sick don’t admit it if possible. If you went through a long illness such as cancer I would leave that out of conversation as well. Never admit to any sort of hospitalization unless you went in to have a baby. Any sort of illness or long-term injury is going to scare them into not hiring. Don’t tell them you’re allergic to common household products used in their workplace. If you are, don’t work there. As soon as you bring up special treatment even if you have what you think is a valid disability…well, it better be very valid and I would not bring it up until after you are hired. Missed days of work due to therapy appointments does not look good to an employer. Tell your therapist you need to move the appointments and if they refuse…what the heck are you doing seeing this therapist who expects you to skip work to see them?

It’s none of their business if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, family history of heart trouble, or like me, kidney disease. Do you think my employer knows I have CKD? Are you kidding? Don’t use any disease as an excuse for poor work performance or you are likely to get canned.  I know a lot of people who took too many sick days and were let go. Legal or not it is going to happen. It’s rare that anyone I knew who ended up in the nuthouse had their old job when they got out. Surprise, surprise. Not unless this was a high-skill salaried position. I know a few people who lied about their whereabouts the entire time they were in and that saved their employment status….but of course there’s no telling when they’ll set you loose from those places.

I worked 11 hours Friday, 11 hours Saturday, 7-1/2 hours Sunday, and yesterday, 11-1/2 hours. For this, I received the usual threatening email in my inbox. I keep wondering about this client, the retailer.

Are they so ungrateful toward their employees, or, rather, their contracted workers that they don’t even bother to thank us? With all the gratitude-touting around this time of year, you’d think the retailer would learn a bit of it, eh? I am so tired of the threats. These emails are ruining the job for me. I’m not alone, either.

Today I picked up another contract with another client. This is not a retailer. It is more like a tech support position. I want to see if this client treats us a little better than the selfish, capitalist retailer. We were pushed into working many, many hours and I feel satisfied about making my customers very happy….but not so happy that it feels like it was all for naught given how shitty we’ve been treated now that the weekend is over.

This is not a “toxic workplace.” DialAmerica was definitely toxic. I have no other words for it. There’s no comparison between DialAmerica and the company I work for now. None.

I was rehashing my DialAmerica memories today. I remember how the supervisor favorited certain workers who, oddly, never seemed to work at all. They yapped all during the shift and I watched them…they never picked up the phone or took a call.

I would say that the sup bullied me, looking over the definition of workplace bullying. Right away, on my very first day out of training she took me aside and belittled me until I had to ask her directly to please stop.

That’s when she said, “I’m not belittling you. I’m showing you opportunities for improvement.” By the way, that’s just a code term for, “I don’t want to admit I am treating you shitty. Just shut up.” They picked on other workers, too. The picked-on workers quit early on.

Finally I was so fed up with the way she continuously mocked me I tried to go higher up to complain. At this point, the trainer, who usually didn’t work the floors, took me aside and told me to tolerate this supervisor. “She’s really a nice person. You have to realize that she just is that way.”

Was this a sign that they planned to ditch her, eventually, too? Or force her to quit?

Because she made me sit so closely to her I overheard her make an awful lot of personal calls, one after another, when she was supposed to be working. I can’t imagine she is there still.

Anyway, my new job isn’t like that. I think they’re much more ethical. People tend to like it there. Some clients are better to work for than others. If the new client is tons better I will quit the retailer at nearest opportunity. It just isn’t the best tone to work under, when we are pushed to work more hours and then, bashed because they didn’t like the job we did. It is endless and frustrating.

Balancing haphazard vs rigid lifestyle

Many people who suffer from ED also tend to have trouble balancing rigid order vs lack of orderliness in their lives. You likely know folks on either end of the orderliness spectrum and some in-between.

Structure is a natural part of our lives. The sun rises and falls, we have darkness and light, we have change of seasons, stores open during the day and close at night and the bus system runs on a schedule. Those who are employed or who go to school have a built-in schedule also.

Outside of this, is your life orderly or haphazard, or something in-between? Is all your time scheduled or do you leave some time as “free time” when you can choose, at the moment, between a variety of activities you enjoy?  If your plans have to change unexpectedly, can you handle this okay or do you find you fall apart?

Many with ED tend to be overly rigid, or, rather, they lead a lifestyle that is more rigid than it needs to be to the point where they feel overwhelmed if anything goes amiss with the set plans they have for themselves. Still others might be the opposite and could use more orderliness and planning. They might benefit and feel more in control if they could follow through instead of breaking the commitments they make to themselves and to others. This might even spill over into how we eat, in fact, likely it does.

I am surprised that in ED “treatment” the idea of “care” means everyone is assumed to be alike and the idea is to take away the rights of all patients and force them onto an unnatural, rigid schedule that isn’t of their own design. I can’t believe such an arrangement can be considered curative at all! They are kept like that and their insurance milked dry and then, they are set loose and when they exit, told, “See you next time!” with the assumption that they are bound to return for more of the same.

So that’s supposedly “treatment.” They are set up to fail again and again. This is the idea! The grand design! Turn them into Frequent Flyers because it’s profitable and make it into a trendy little club they call “the milieu.” Ever notice it doesn’t work?

I think that realizing it doesn’t work is half the battle! Change your mind!  Try something different! It is never too late! Never!

I think it’s time we made psych (and ED) incarceration history. Don’t go back and that way, they will not be able to make any money anymore. All the nuthouses and feeding farms will close down for lack of customers. Hey, Cyber Monday, no one’s home here!

Seriously, folks……


Facebook’s “popularity contest”-style was responsible for upvoting Alex Jones to the top of the heap

Call Alex Jones what you want. Fake news, sensationalist, Alt-Right. Read this article below carefully:

The article doesn’t focus so much on the ban on Jones, but why he got so popular to begin with. Note: He was a money-maker for YouTube also, wasn’t he? They kept him popular, pumped him with more and more views. They didn’t care if it was real or fake news.

We have to realize that like anyone else, occasionally, Alex Jones has a few worthwhile things to say. These are the things that suck you in. Then he feeds you unfounded bullshit. I don’t think he does it deliberately. I think he isn’t using sound logic in his broadcasts.

Come to think of it, Mike Adams is about the same. Notice he strays into unfounded nonsense too much of the time.

Which brings me to the issue of Fake News. What is Fake News?

“Hilary Clinton had twins yesterday!” If you’re talking about the same Hilary everyone else is talking about I suspect this is fake news. You’d have to supply more facts than just making this announcement. How do you know? What kind of evidence is believable? A press announcement? Photograph? Maybe you saw it on TV, but which show, which station, and does it happen to be April Fool’s Day? We are likely to categorize the twins announcement as “fake news” unless the major news stations and major papers are all in consensus. Proof. Why? We didn’t see the babies first-hand.

What if your neighbor has been away all month and comes home and tells you, “You’re not going to believe where I was. A psych ward! They’re not like you see in the media. There was no therapy. The staff slept all night and we were locked into our rooms. One guy was screaming down the hall because they kept him tied to a bed with straps for days!” What will you do with this news? Fake? Or real?

Just because you don’t read this stuff in the usual media, is it fake? Just because you are uncomfortable hearing your neighbor tell this story, is it fake?

Does such “news” need to be backed by “credible sources”? NOOOOO! Why?

Do you see the distinction between the Hillary news and the first-hand experience news? First-hand experience does not need “research” to back it up. You must consider the source, consider the circumstances, and try to be an objective listener.

Does a rape victim need “sources” to “prove” that she was raped? Does she need to back her claim with statistics and studies? Does she need a doctor’s signature? Endorsement of a university? NOOOOOO! She only needs her own story.

A victim of psychiatric abuse only needs her own story. She doesn’t need a doctor to prove she is right. She doesn’t need “studies” to prove such things are possible, and she doesn’t need to show “credible evidence” that such a thing ever happened to anyone else. She doesn’t need Facebook to back her up. She doesn’t need a consensus, either.

She needs to be allowed to tell her story like anyone else. A person doesn’t need to be a doctor to tell a credible, first-hand story about a psych ward. How much time do doctors actually spend on the wards, anyway? They spend five minutes with each patient. Some spend 20 minutes a week total on the ward and still make money off the patients’ insurance. How can they possibly have a clue? Having a medical degree does not make a person an authority on the subject, either. Hardly.

I don’t give a shit about Alex Jones. I don’t think fake news helps anyone, especially if he is going to pepper his fake news with real news. When he does that he discredits the people he is helping in the real news bits in his broadcasts.

Uses for Alexa

I was just thinking of uses for Alexa besides the privacy invasion we’re likely all worried about. Wouldn’t Alexa be useful for some people with mobility issues who couldn’t get insurance to cover other sorts of automation in their homes? “Alexa, unlock my door.” “Alexa, turn on the dishwasher.” “Can you turn down the thermostat please?” Wouldn’t that be an asset and mean not having to wait for someone else to do these things?

I like doing things for myself and would feel out of control if a machine did them. The ole delegation struggle…grrr… But I suppose if my life were different I might get used to such a thing. I grew up with a manual typewriter and shake-up milk, remember?

I think Alexa is already used for home security. But what about spying on the babysitter or mother-in-law’s home health aide just in case you’ve been worried?

“Alexa, who has been drinking my whiskey?”

I’m sure psychiatry has already gotten into the act, or, perhaps, BP, Big Pharma (okay, is using that term really a symptom of paranoia? Or does it just raise eyebrows?). The Medication Reminder.

“Bob, it’s time for your Abilify.”

Quickly, Bob says back to Alexa, “Alexa, please turn down your volume.”

“Bob, it’s time for your Abilify.” This time, two notches on the dial softer.

“Male voice, please.”

“Bob, you are three minutes late. Please take your Abilify or I am calling the cops.”

“Alexa can you turn down the thermostat another degree, please.”

“I said–”

If I didn’t have to work today I would continue this odd little fantasy. Imagine having an Alexa instead of a pet such as a dog or cat….Now that’s sickening. The thought of owning one of those things creeps me out.

Have a great day.

Black Friday Capitalism Joy

I worked 11 hours today almost solid……. Glad I have heat.

I have posted on WordPress dot com in their “support” section trying to find out why Safari users are having trouble commenting on blogs that use the theme I use, which is a common WordPress theme (in other words, many blogs use it, but this may be the only blog you visit that does….) and I will let you all know in case you are wondering. I have received now a handful of people who say that they are “forced” to log in when trying to comment even though my settings have never demanded this. Apparently this is a known Safari conflict and I am working on a resolution to the issue.

Maybe the WP gurus will just say I need to change my theme. That’s easy to do. Simple fix.

I have found some WP “help” people online you can pay if you can’t get a resolution from your hosting people. It seems no matter who I use for hosting they are totally ignorant about WordPress even if they promise they know all about it. I know more. Been using it for sooooo long I am talking circles around their IT people. If you want answers faster than the “forum”-style answers, might as well pay $20 or so to get someone on the phone that hopefully can solve your issue.  Yes I know when you have to repeat yourself ten times over it is extremely frustrating. Yes, I hang up on them, too. I lie saying I have to “go to work” or “Sorry I have an important client calling.” Yes it is just to get rid of them! I work customer service. Yes, I know.

If I can’t get a resolution from the forums or if they call  me stupid one more time or close my issue before it gets answered I’ll try the pay people. If they give you money back if you aren’t satisfied (since if they suck I sure do not want to pay!).

All that I did before my 11 hour shift.

Now I am just kinda chilling.  I made a lot of customers happy today. I don’t know how many calls I took all total.

I didn’t get my 2-2:30 break.

I might have a chance to do a few things before bed. Tomorrow, another 11-hour day. Sunday, not so bad. Monday, 11 hours. Then, day off.

It’s just the same as working six hours a day in Pittsburgh since I was spending four hours a day commuting. Why not get paid for the time?

Today’s progress

I did not finish my book today but made significant progress. I finished a few chapters I had already started and wrote a few more in entirety. Each chapter is about the length of a blog entry…meaning they vary somewhat. Not a whole lot but some.

I added appendices. One is a “resources” appendix which is to be expected, and the other is a “recipes” appendix. Guess what I am including? As I figure, so many people have asked me for a recipe for dog food that I am including that, too, just for fun. After all, I am writing this book to be helpful and if people find this material helpful, I will include it.

My Salt-Free Thanksgiving Dinner was such an amazing success that if I can possibly recall how on earth I made it I will include the recipe for that, too.

And here it is…..

Salt-Free Homemade Antipsych Thanksgiving Dinner!

First of all, you need to make a totally homemade sauce! You will have leftover sauce when you are all done!

I chopped up a green bell pepper and put it in a pot. Chop it into pieces about 1/2 inch square.

Now add some of those elongated tomatoes, a bag of them, I think five or six total tomatoes. I am not sure what they are called. Italian maybe? These may have been organic. Take out only the top bit, where the stem was, with a knife and then add it to the pot. With a pair of kitchen scissors, cut up to the tomatoes, but do not scratch the pot.

Add two or three large cloves of garlic but I would peel and slice these or chop them before adding.

Add some cut up green onion or I suppose leeks or regular onion will do.

I think I added 1 T of oregano, probably 1/2 T of basil and 1/2 T of dry parsley.

Likely I added 1/4 C of dry whole peas. I would use these over split peas, but if you do not have whole dry peas use frozen peas. DO NOT USE CANNED please.

Also to make this very interesting you could add dry maize. I just didn’t happen to think of it.

I also added sweet potato! Not that much, though, just some cubes of that.

I also added a few Tbsp of whole tapioca. This is for thickening. I would suppose you could do without it.

You may add mushrooms also. I didn’t.

I added zucchini, quite a bit of that. I would chop it up fairly small.

I added a lot, lot, lot of olive oil. Please use very good quality olive oil for this. Not “olive oil blend” because that is adulterated.

I also added fresh ground black pepper and also red crushed pepper.

Now please let that pot sit. Use a thick-walled pot and sit by the fire or watch football for a while.

When you think you’re ready to sit down, or near that time, remove two large organic eggs from the fridge. Break these open into a bowl. I added a few spoonfuls of corn meal (dry polenta will do fine!) and also I added coconut flour, a number of spoonfuls of that. The mixture should be dry so now I added olive oil and also a tiny bit of buttermilk to make it looser. I added chopped garlic, Xanthan gum, and paprika to this frittatta dough.

Chop up a little extra green onion and set it aside in a separate dish.

Now you want to start cooking your pasta. Pasta does not have sodium in it, or shall I say, decent quality pasta does not. Please do not wreck your pasta by cooking it with salt. I use a small rice cooker to cook my pasta.

Melt some salt-free ghee in a cast-iron frying pan. Now, turn your frittatta onto the pan and let that cook. Be careful because it could burn. Turn off the heat if it starts to show signs of burning. The good thing is that it will cook very fast. Turn it over and cook the other side, too.

Now, turn your cooked frittatta onto a large plate and chop it into pieces! Spoon some of your cooked sauce over the pieces! Now, add your cooked pasta and mix around just a little bit. Spoon more sauce over the pasta/frittatta dish and now, top with that green onion you had set aside for a beautiful appearance.

You are done.

Serves two. Or one but there will be leftovers.

Refrigerate all the leftover salt-free sauce and use it for the next creative project!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Bet you forgot about the football game, didn’t you?

Dog treats your pooch will drool over!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am taking a break from writing to let you know about some awesome doggie treats I just invented. Try these on your dog is you or your furry pal is bored with the usual!

Go to your produce aisle and load up on those VEGGIES! Now, try this!

Depending on the size of your dog, you will want to cut your veggies into appropriately-sized chunks. A small dog should have zucchini cookies, that is, round zucchini slices.  (Cucumber is okay but peel it first.) A large breed can have a whole zucchini or one cut in half, depending on the size of the veggie. Likewise, you can judge for yourself the size of the veggie chunk of carrot, peeled banana, peeled and cored apple, and so on. And yes, the very favorite, the green been. Please do not give your dog anything in the cabbage family including broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, etc, and do not give your dog kale! Sugar snap peas are fine!

Now, here’s the secret: How about a frozen banana! Imagine your dog sinking his teeth into that! What about a frozen carrot? Wow that would make Puzzle very happy indeed. I think I will go freeze a carrot right now.

I’m thinking unsweetened applesauce would be fine but please, please make sure it contains absolutely nothing but apples (no artificial sweetener, EVER!)

Frozen oranges, anyone?  Yes, please……..The jaws are waiting.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Yes we have heat in here!

Yes, we have heat in here! Happy Thanksgiving! I just came back from shopping. I went and got yogurt for Puzzle’s tummy. I discovered the one breakfast cereal that isn’t adulterated with chemicals…well…kinda. This is the closest I get to junk food ever. Shredded wheat. Unless you count the wheat itself. It is nothing but wheat! NO SODIUM! Hard to believe but Shredded Wheat isn’t a propriety food or shall I say, patented. Never mind the annoying packaging. All kinds of companies make the stuff. You could conceivably use it as……
Something to float in your soup
Put on salad
Snack for the kids
Stuff the turkey
Eat before you go running
Eat after you go running
Eat for the next ten days later after Thanksgiving as “leftovers.”

It does look a little more appetizing than Rice Krispie Cakes. I think Walden Behavioral Care wrecked those for me. For life.

Happy Thanksgiving.

And…may the only “sectioning” you ever do…ever again…be grapefruit.