5 Officers shot in South Carolina…Keep watching this one!

“Suspect is in custody.”

My gut feeling tells me that he was just released from a mental hospital, I bet within the past few months. That’s my guess without anything to back it up with. Just a feeling. What is your gut feeling? We have no news about it so we might as well speculate here.

They’ll get some relative of his on the tube saying “We tried, we got him to a hospital but after he left he stopped the ‘medications.'”

Well? That very well may have happened. Drug withdrawal does horrible things to a person, including causing aggression and violence.


UPDATE: Now we learn that the cops were serving a search warrant. Get this: They won’t say why they were serving the warrant.

Now as you know, if you have been reading my blog for a while, I had the cops show up at my home on January 10, 2014, in Watertown, MA. They were coming to accuse me of future dangerousness, which was so unfounded it was absurd.

They have also searched my home with no warrant. This was in July 2013 while I was inpatient with kidney failure. This was very illegal! Yes it really happened, no doubt about it. I came home to find my place torn apart, closet emptied, drawers rifled through, and they even left on my table the items they were looking for. Now why did they search my place? Apparently even though I told the doc at the hospital over and over what I had been taking (as prescribed, by the way) he insisted I was “lying.” First he called CVS and found out the information about the wrong person (another person with same name). They tried to give me her drugs! Then the doc ordered the search of my home. The  cops came to look for pill bottles. The actual bottles they never found. What they found were old ones, two and three years old respectively.

That’s what was out on my table when I got home from the hospital. Two very old pill bottles that I had saved because those bottles are good for storing things and they’re airtight. The one for Lamictal was huge, good for art supplies. Then there was a very old Synthroid bottle, wrong dose. So what happened next? After the cops found these bottles, back at the hospital, the nurse handed me 600 mgs of Lamictal. That’s right. 600. I had not taken it for years and I am extremely lucky I did not swallow that dangerous dose. I didn’t find out till I got home that my place had been searched.

Do cops search places illegally? YES! You can see that twice they came with no warrant. Was I not worthy of being served legally? Did they think I wouldn’t notice because maybe they thought I was unintelligent, lacking insight, or whatever?

If the cops did this to me, I wonder if the search of this guy’s home was legal. Why else would they keep it all hidden? Think on that one.

We shall see.


Video to share from Natural News on depression!


I don’t quite trust Natural News. I believe the study from Croatia was likely valid, but the logic isn’t right here. If magnesium deficiency was found in suicidal people, this does not mean that supplementing with magnesium is necessarily the answer. Why? Because correlation does not necessarily mean causation. We have some patients who are found to be magnesium deficient but there may be other things going on that caused the depression.

I don’t believe depression comes out of the blue. Most good shrinks would agree with me, it doesn’t! Even shrinks who rely on pills will tell you this.  Most decent shrinks will also tell you no depression lasts forever.

Whether it is magnesium deficiency, low blood sugar, hypothyroidism, Lyme disease, or something else, there is always a cause.

FYI, looks like my comment challenged some people over at the Globe

They keep arguing. One even recommended “treatment.” Oh please. Nothing to treat really except maybe send money my way which might “treat” a few of my bills just fine. How about “treating” my lust for a vacation at the next APA protest with free plane tix? Shall I take a deep breath over that or will holding onto a frozen orange get me those plane tix? Will it work? I don’t wanna waste the orange trying. How about chewing ice as a solution? Will that help me run this race faster? Oooooh I wish someone had told me that little trick so I could have gotten my running faster way back in elementary school when I was the slowest runner in the class.

Oh get this: While I was running I realized I could get through the tough part of the run by telling myself a mantra. No, not the mantra, “I have a disease and I can’t get by without treatment…” Sorry, no rhythm to that one, never mind the negative message.

I tried the following:

“Screw Maria!” I love thinking about how I defy her every time I go running.

Another, “I’m free!” That felt good.

But the best? “I know I can I know I can I know I can….” Hear the beat in that one? It was great. I even said it aloud on the treadmill today. Not quite audibly.

My time today for 10K was 1:18:11. Except it likely took about 11 seconds to restart the treadmill as quickly as I could after it booted me off after an hour.

I can’t tell you guys how it get better and better once you leave the System far behind. It isn’t an easy journey shaking off the brainwashing but very much worth it. I never get depressed anymore. Such a word is not in my usual vocabulary these days to describe myself.

Even though today I went into overdraft and had to fix that up fast. Now…thinking back…This would have been a “crisis” back in the day. Worthy of a call to the useless Crisis Team, or an extra therapy visit because they would rub it in like it was some tragedy, and insist it was a “symptom” of an illness. No, no no, just me neglecting to write down the bill I paid. Why? Because I am human like anyone else. I even joked with the bank teller over it. Because that’s the way I am. She was nice, too.

See ya later.

Check out this Boston Globe article on McLean, and my commentary in the comments section!


And here is my commentary:

I was incarcerated at McLean on and off between 1994 and 1997, paid for by Medicare. I was given shock treatments there which did not help, but instead, disabled me for the next year and a half. After the shock made me nonfunctional, McLean misdiagnosed me with a new, supposedly underlying severe condition that I didn’t actually have to explain away what they had done. McLean still uses shock, run like an assembly line. It is cost-efficient for them, quick and easy money.

I witnessed people kept in isolation for weeks, held in four-point restraints at the staff’s whim. When I told them my tooth was broken they told me I couldn’t see a dentist and that the broken tooth was a figment of my imagination. When I finally got it pulled it was dangerously infected.

They didn’t have real therapy there. Not unless you call Bingo games and grade-school level worksheets therapy. The food was inedible, bathrooms a disgrace. Night workers spent the night sleeping and yelled at us if we dared to wake them. I ended up there in 2011 and three weeks later convinced them to release me because I was so much worse off than when I arrived.

Victims have tried to convene, tried to take out lawsuits but McLean has a lot of money and none of us could afford an attorney, let alone find one that will even take on such a case. The state legal people are no help at all.

Just stay away. I think the Globe should publish stories from all sides of the fence, not just McLean’s poster children.

The average piece of bread is loaded with salt!

Why did I fail to check the nutritional information on a loaf of bread? The average slice of commercial bread contains 90-120 mgs of sodium. I finally decided to check last night when I made a piece of toast and it tasted salty. At first I thought the ghee was salted, but it isn’t. Where did the salt come from? Wow, it is the bread! So I will make my own from now on.

Why not? I made my own bread when I was a young adult (prior to psych).  I made all kinds of bread, including my own pizza dough. Time to embrace the resourceful kid I always was! I will photo the results!