Why I lost respect for the Foundation for Excellence in MH “Care”

I don’t even bother reading their newsy newsletters anymore.  I have completely lost interest in this pro-psychiatry organization. Gina Nikkel showed up at the ISEPP conference saying, “We have plenty of money, please apply for a grant with us!” I have never applied for a grant with them. What I did ask for was if they’d let me put an article about http://forcedpsychiatry.com in their newsletter. Jessica, who runs their newsletter, did not reply. I wrote back again. Then she flat out refused.

I wrote back and asked her why she was refusing. She said that my organization “was not run by an expert.” Really? This is a literary venture. Why does my MFA in Creative Writing not enough expertise? Or does she think I cheated in college? Does she assume I must be delusional that I earned my degree? That must be it! Couldn’t be possible!

Then, to insult me further, she went on to say, “Why don’t you contribute an article on what you are really an expert on, your lived experience?” I was so insulted that I think I will unsubscribe and tell her exactly why. 

To top it off, MIA has repeatedly told me they must limit each survivor to four articles because they are so, so overrun with submissions. If their inboxes are overflowing, why didn’t they publish any survivor stories this week? Of course, they don’t actually limit all survivors to four, in case you all haven’t noticed, only the ones they feel like silencing.

There are plenty of fish in the pond. I just need to find those fish.

Http://forcedpsychiatry.com may very well not be dead after all. I found someone who can increase page views for me. The “tell your friends” method does very little to increase page views unless you have wealthy friends who use Facebook a lot. Rather than give up I am paying someone to do this work for me.  I wish I had known about this when I was selling a book. It would have saved the book, too, and the embarrassment that followed.

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