Don’t you guys think the doc should do some time for the Sweet Tomatoes Crash?

Here is the article:

I know people with MS. Likely if you are over 50, as I am, you do, too. MS messes with your cognition.  What does this mean? Please, those who have had ECT (electoshock) kindly chime in here because when I say “cognitive” I mean cognitive. When your thinking is messed up by a brain injury such as ECT or something like MS that does a number on how your neurons work, then how are you supposed to think clearly enough to tell yourself, “I think I shouldn’t be driving anymore.” Or perhaps, “I think I should not drive today.” Or maybe, “These drugs given to me for my MS make my thinking so cloudy that….”

When your thinking is cloudy, you cannot tell yourself this. You can’t see the clouds themselves. You know something is wrong. You very well may make desperate attempts to communicate this with others. Likely, though, your cloudy thoughts will skew your ability to properly inform others of your dire condition.

I think it was the doctor’s job to make sense of all this. The doc was aware that Caslin had MS. He knew that MS causes cognitive issues. He knew that Caslin should not be driving. But the doc was playing the nice guy, wasn’t he? He was doing it to keep his customer. 

I do nice things to keep the ratings up, too. Why? If my ratings drop, I lose my job. It’s a rough world out there for all of us. Still, the doc should share in all this. Why send a physically sick guy to prison?

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