Second thoughts

I had plans to quit my job but now I am having second thoughts about the second jobs I have gotten myself into. I signed the contract for one of them. Right away I received an email stating, “Sorry folks. No work for a while. This is unusual, as you know.” Don’t you think this is a Red Flag?

When I was a kid I was hired as a CIT, which stands for Counselor-in-Training. We were supposed to be paid. After I was hired and after my arrival in training, they casually informed us, “Sorry, you aren’t going to be paid for this.” They didn’t offer us the opportunity to quit. Sorry, folks. No pay. None of us quit. I was 14 years old.

So this editing job looks like it very well may not pan out. It may mean so much unpaid time is spent checking email and no time spent that is paid time that it isn’t worth it to be committed to them any longer. I am not sure. I am not sure how long I want to stay hanging onto their promises of income when I know it won’t ever amount to very much.

This other job I am signed up for (signed contract and paid into) looks like it’s not really quite the field I want to be in after all. Almost. Not quite. This one that I signed up for caters to the rich. I dislike that idea immensely now that I work for a retailer that sells dresses worth $2,000 that I wouldn’t dream of buying. For the few.

Another thing. I was at my orientation yesterday. Right in front of us, the guy doing the orientation pulled up an account. Had he screened us? Even had us fill out applications? Done crim background checks? Anything? We could have been anyone off the street, and there he was, pulling up private customer info right in front of us. Private medical stuff, private accounts, private password info, listing of which accounts he had, where he banked….and so on. Yep, real professional security there. He had opened up listings of real clients, who are private people, right in front of us! Yes, the credit card info was xed out. But still……. Then, get this: The other person on the call asked if data can be copied and pasted off that page! Ummm……… So this was such a turnoff that I wondered if I should stay or go.

In the process of trying to figure out logistics I accidentally bumped into  an entirely different company (a competitor) and realized that  I wanted to hire someone from there to do a small task for me. Then I realized that I, too, could sign up for this company to do similar freelance work on the same platform. I think I would be happier with this other company because they don’t market to the wealthy. Their prices are much lower. They are affordable and reasonable. I think I signed up for the wrong platform, folks. So? I think I need to reconsider.


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