ECT LAWSUIT WON…In case you haven’t heard…..

The story broke last night. I literally cried when I heard and wrote to the attorney, David Karen, JD, and thanked him. What a victory this is.


And how much do they pay Kitty Dukakis et al? Well, that’s for another day, is it not? Might be good money to do something like that. Maybe if we look ’round the help wanted ads, places like Craigslist, we might find something like…

“Did you ever take Zyprexa and find it beneficial? We’d like to hear from you! Would you like to be on TV? Send an email to us at Lilly and we’ll get you started on your way to fame and fortune!”

Of course, they’ll supply you with a year’s worth of syringes and insulin to keep you alive while you work for the scumbags.

How much DO they pay the poster children? What slimy business this is…..



4 thoughts on “ECT LAWSUIT WON…In case you haven’t heard…..”

    1. What were the words they used? It makes the patients docile. Docile? That is the last thing I would want to be. Even if I when I am dead will shake up the ground above my body.

      1. Yay! So many morons go around praising these devices in public. I wonder how they’ll react to this announcement. Or if they’ll hear it.

        As for “making patients docile” that explains why so many “mentally ill” folks wind up homeless if not in institutions or group care. Too “docile” to care for themselves.

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