This is what life was supposed to be like if I hadn’t been side-tracked

Today I have two meetings, two essential things I have to do. These two are rigid, fixed things I can’t alter, while the other things I have to do, or shall I say, want to do, I could move around to suit me. I have a meeting tonight which is with other people, a pre-planned meeting. Since I don’t know these folks, I am not going to trouble myself with a long bus ride or any type of investment of time or money when I know they very well might not show up or cancel at the last minute. Time is precious, isn’t it? Telephone meetings are best when the others might cancel on me!

I also have a job interview today, this afternoon. This came as a surprise. I put in eight job applications over about a 24-hour period, Thursday to Friday last week, but I had forgotten about a ninth application. When I discovered #9 (logged in under a different email address) I realized I might want to keep that as a possibility. Then I researched that company and quickly had second thoughts. I found a similar company that pays more and seems to be structured more soundly. Suddenly, I have an interview with company #10 today.

Both of these things are over the phone and scheduled. The rest I can move around. I might go running today, likely at the gym this time since I am headed in that direction anyway. Did I tell you all that at the race this past weekend I won in my age category?

Now I told you. That course was not official and not chip-timed. I suspect it wasn’t properly measured in distance since my timing wasn’t realistically what I could possibly have done. They said it was just over 30 minutes. Even under the most ideal conditions it isn’t possible for me to run 5k that fast. These were rocky conditions, mostly trail running and very hilly, sometimes rocky, sometimes muddy. It sure did not even feel like 5k since the course was so scenic and it all flew by so fast. Very nice people, too!

I would like to purchase kerosene again (stock up) since I have this feeling the HVAC guy isn’t going to show until January or not at all. Maybe I need to nag the management people before the pipes freeze.

Tomorrow I have to work at my usual customer service/retail position. I am still at that job, but I plan to quit very soon. I do not have a quit date set. Maybe after this interview I will have one set! I need to write down my questions for the interviewer and ask myself realistically how long it’ll take to replace the income I am currently receiving given there’s a lag between working and getting paid. This means the work I do at my current job, say, at the end of September I get paid for Oct 16, and the work I did through the 15th of October I get paid for on November 1. I have a bit of money saved that I can liquidate in an emergency, but it had better be dire. Being unemployed isn’t dire enough. Veterinary care that will save Puzzle’s life? Yeah, that’s dire. In that case, everything goes about as liquid as the Ohio River in springtime.

Gee, at least I didn’t say, “As liquid as a Haldol injection.”

How life has changed.


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