Article on serious social media addiction…..

Wow this woman is really hooked….

Yikes. Have any of you been that hooked? I rarely leave the house with my phone, except on long bus rides and when I take it with me to go running in airplane mode and listen to music. Why in airplane mode? How can anyone listen to music while being interrupted by incoming texts? That is annoying while I am running. Why would anyone ever dream of texting while running? (Oh…because they’re nuts! Or dreaming!) So what’s the point of Wifi in the gym? Maybe for people who don’t go there to work out. I don’t even look at my phone anymore. Who wants to strain to look at tiny print? Since when is that fun? I often let the battery run dead, which might not be a very good idea if I’m expecting my future boss to call “any minute now.”

Except I have a landline for that. Please, dear future boss, ring me up. The lines are open.

No Facebook. No LinkedIn. No PinInterest. No Instagram. Looks like they’re finally getting rid of Google+, that privacy invader, once and for all.

Are people really that addicted? This is sad. They can’t even tear themselves away from it. Yes I work at a computer, but “computer” isn’t the same as “social media.” You can work at a computer all day and not even interact socially. You can read a book at a computer with an internet connection. You can write a book at a computer, again without an internet connection. You can work on a computer program. You can take one apart or put one together. And so on. My job doesn’t use social media. We have our own platforms built for us by major software companies. Yes I interact with people through those platforms (a softphone, for one), people taking on the role of “customers,” but it’s not Facebook and it’s not web-like and you do not “friend” people on it. They call us and they ask questions or demand a refund or whatever. Sometimes I send emails to my customers, answering their questions and explaining things such as “Your package is on its way!” This isn’t addiction. It is my job, for which I am paid. That computer, supplied by my employer, is shut off right now because it’s my day off.

It saddens me that people think Facebook friends are their friends. Guess we all learned that lesson a while back, didn’t we? I hope so.

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