Here’s a good question, which experience and wisdom can answer

Do I go with a higher-paying job, or do I go with a lower-paying job that might be more satisfying?

Let’s look at the factors here…..

My current job pays well, but why I am leaving? We deal with constant threats. When I say threats, what do I mean, precisely? We were told a few weeks back that they loved us sooooo much that they were asking us to work more hours. No, they didn’t give us a pay bonus, but increasing our hours and extending/replacing our contract. This was a sneaky little way to keep us from quitting just when many of us were seeking other positions, and also to ensure they kept us through the holidays. About two weeks later, possibly less than that, we all got emails telling us that if we didn’t shape up, we’d be canned. Removed. Even though you all know I’ve reworded this to add a bit of humor, that’s what they said. Canned. It IS a threat. “If you do not to this, we’ll do that.” Do I really want an employer like that?

It’s unpleasant, to say the least. I don’t like having to worry about losing my job all the time, though often I think these are nothing but empty fluff to scare us into shaping up. I’m never sure and I am very tired of second-guessing them. It’s a bad habit we’ve gotten into due to their own bad habit of failure to communicate honestly, consistently and respectfully with us as a group. Supervisor turnover is atrocious, which doesn’t help matters.

Do I want another job that is only going to turn out like this? Or…do I want a lower-paying job where I get to take initiative? I think I have found one and the pay isn’t bad. I will get over $10 and I get to make my own hours. I will find out soon if I am accepted. I have decided that this job is my #1 choice of jobs due to the lack of stringent rules, lots of flexibility, choices that I get to make (more than just choosing my own hours), and no “metrics” to meet. I’m not sure if it’s contract or freelance. Either way, I think the freer life is for me, not this kiss-butt-to-the-boss life I have lived the past few months.

If I love my job I can work more hours because I will enjoy the work more. It won’t feel like so much pressure and it won’t feel so annoying or like a Catch-22 because I have to rush customers off the phone.

I put in eight job applications Thurs to Fri, and there are about six hanging on from the past month. I only care about two now. The boss-driven ones can fall off the planet now for all I care. They can take their 401k. I do not care. I’m old enough now to know better. We’ve all lived on less to know now.

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