Then and now

Around 2012 I was dying to leave Watertown. Can you blame me, after water deprivation. So I picked a place at random. Chattanooga. I tried finding places on Craiglist. Stupid? Yes.  I wasn’t having much luck. Still, from what I recall I went to church one day (remember that church?) and told a few people, “Hey, I’m moving to Chattanooga! I’m finally outa here!” No response. Nothing but a shrug.

Wow, no, “Gee, we’ll miss you.” Or even a “That’s too bad, aren’t you going to at least reconsider and give Watertown a chance?” Nothing like that. I knew in my heart that they were thinking, “Good riddance.”

So today I told my beloved coworker that I am quitting very soon as soon as one of these nibbles, the job applications I have put in, turns into a bite. Wow, she said to me, right away, “Don’t go.” I am touched beyond belief. Life is so different now, in this new world where I am a valued human being, not a thing, not a subhuman unwanted, not someone they would simply wish away, not someone they include but wish they didn’t have to, not some nuisance, but a real human being.

That is what anyone would want. To be valued as an equal. And in fact, what any human being rightfully deserves. Inherits simply by being human. It is a right we humans are born with and a right we retain throughout our lives. Nothing can take it away. Nothing. Not a psychiatrist and not a court order, and not some person on the internet who has decided some humans are “toxic.” Nothing.

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