Here is the chart we have all been waiting for, thanks, Liz K!

Now we survivors know which state to avoid, Massachusetts! And which states might look rather lucrative: Texas, Alabama, Tennessee. And a few others. Not surprising, West V and Georgia are also on the Awesome List.

Scroll down and you’ll see which states have fewer shrinks! This is a truly useful list! This list comes from USC, and it’s “access to mental health providers.” This will show you where to escape to. When it comes down to it. I wonder if I can reprint it in my own book. Bet I can, with permission. Never mind it’s not exactly for the purpose they intended. Do I have to tell them? No.

2 thoughts on “Here is the chart we have all been waiting for, thanks, Liz K!”

  1. Indiana is a mixed bag. Not a lot of shrinks. But…not many resources for going off drugs or escaping the system. Everyone touts the “chemical imbalance” myth from the nineties to show how clever and well-informed they are with cutting edge medical science.

    1. The more shrinks, the more mental institutions, the more you’ll find activists. David Oaks was first institutionalized in Massachusetts, same with Don Weitz. I believe Weitz was at McLean. Chicago is another awful hub, as are Cleveland and the DC area. Let’s not forget Hartford. It follows the money.

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