Step up to the plate!

I was going to say, “A lot on my plate,” but then I decided to re-word it to, “Step up to the plate” since I’m ready for this one. Please check out my YouTube at:

Meanwhile, I was nominated to an honorable women’s organization, which I will not name here. There are thousands of women’s organizations and yes, I did run it past the “scam test” since I had not heard of it before. It’s not an email scam. It’s real.

Thirdly, I have an interview for a second job this afternoon. Since my other interview for a second job which I did pursue briefly turned out to be a semi-scam due to very low pay, I am proceeding with caution on this one. That other job, if you did the math, paid under minimum and I am not sure it was legal in all locales, even as work-at-home or contracted. The HR person claimed you could work from “anywhere” which I doubt was true since many states have banned these WAH employers due to low wages. I did my homework and got out of it. I think that was over a month ago. Meanwhile I am still employed at my first job.

I have to sign up for hours at job#1 right after that. If I do not do this, that is, if I forget, which I have now done twice, it’s grab-as-you-can, which I do not like. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s inconvenient.

Then I have a teleconference at 7 for an hour.

I’m waiting for a call about a home for sale. These calls are sometimes a joke because the person who answers usually doesn’t know anything about the place. They keep asking you to repeat the address. You’ll never get the details you want. You have to pretend you’re serious.

I have a teleconference this afternoon for a half hour and one on Monday. I work Friday and the weekend. On Saturday I have a road race, a 5k. And today I really hope the guy comes to get my heat working. The landlord’s website is down but I think I can send them an email to remind them he’s scheduled to call me.

Two days ago I baked bread in the bread machine and I still have some of that. I love that there’s no salt in it. Reducing protein has been just the thing.

Puzzle snores all day even while I work. It was 35 degrees this morning and I think we’re turning the clocks soon. I always miss the time change (takes me till Thursday to figure it out usually!) but since I am among the employed and non-disabled now (was I ever dis-abled?) I absolutely cannot forget it this year.


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