Damage to a high-end apartment vs trauma: Can you put a dollar amount on it?

Check this out:


I am not sure you can access the story or the affidavit. Apparently Brown threw objects out of his window, traumatizing a 22-month old child who was walking with his grandfather many stories down below. Now they’re suing Brown since the little boy is traumatized, for $15,000. The apartment is also badly damaged. So the landlord is evicting Brown, and also suing him for $15,000.

Somehow, the eviction and landlord lawsuit seems plenty justified. Brown has not been a good tenant. I rent and I know what it means to be a good, responsible tenant and he has not exhibited good tenant behavior at all, rich and famous or not. Now the little boy’s parents are just trying to get money out of a rich person’s pockets, in my opinion. I’m traumatized by water deprivation. Am I going to get that much money from MGH?

You can’t really put a price tag on “pain and suffering.” The little boy didn’t lose his job and he wasn’t making money for the family nor supporting anyone. Unless they over-pamper him, he’ll get over it, especially since the trauma is surely being validated, not denied. If they send him to therapy and medicate him his life might as well be over very quickly. That would be beyond Brown’s responsibility. It would be the choice of the parents. Think on that one.

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