The people have spoken: “Alleged jump” now.

Here’s a quote from a friend of Marquis Brown:

“He was at my apartment,” Williams said. “I just saw him 30 or 40 minutes before. So it is just shocking … It’s crazy.”

Exactly. I have been to forums and a lot of people are not believing the cops at this point. They believe he was pushed. So do I.

What was the weather on Thursday here in Western Pennsylvania? It was unseasonably warm. It makes sense that on the 16th floor you might want to open a window, just to let the air in. You’d think there would be screens on the windows, though, but maybe there aren’t. After all, this is a tower building, and it likely has central air. But…maybe not. I have heard of dorms that aren’t air conditioned. I don’t recall any of the dorms at UMass being air conditioned at all and I don’t even remember wanting it. Well…that was the 1970s when most people didn’t have AC. Maybe it was up to Duquesne students to supply their own AC if they want it. This is not campus-owned student housing. It is independently owned. You’ve likely heard of these places that tend to be not well kept up.

We will see what happens because an awful lot of people are feeling doubtful. Here around the area we have overall distrust of the police, especially after the recent high-profile shooting of 17-year-old Antwon Rose.

Some people are saying drugs may have been involved, maybe steroids, which can make a person crazy. But if he did take them, I think someone is going to come out with it.

I think his buddies will be a good source of info at this point. So we will see.

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