Now they’re saying the Duquesne football player FELL out the window….

Really? Do you folks believe this? There was commotion, apparently. Then, the cops came and what do you think they do when they see a black man? Likely harassed him, physically harmed him or threatened to.

Okay, so he fell out? Please tell me again, No Foul Play. Really?

So dear cops, which was it? Fell? Or jumped? Can you at least agree on a consistent fabrication to tell the courts and the media? Looks like each time there’s an article that comes out you have changed your tune.

If you recall from the Boston Globe comments on another article I pointed out here, where I myself had commented, you’ll observe that many folks claim the cops couldn’t possibly break the law.

So of course…he both fall and jumped. Must be true because the cops said so.



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