Race weather

I’m looking ahead at the weather, which changes by the minute. I’m now seeing the rain will end early morning before the race and it will be 69 degrees. Do they really know ahead of time? No one can predict the future, though we can certainly make educated guesses.

No one can truly read minds. But we can hear tone of voice. We can see facial expressions. We might note syntax and word usage. I listen to customers on the job and I can tell when they’re about to get irate. Irate being the word we use to describe a pissed off customer. You can hear them sigh. They make insulting remarks like “Can’t you hurry up faster?” No I can’t. I’m still waiting for the screen to load…..The more they scream at us, the more likely we are to end up delayed.  Have you ever had someone constantly needling you to hurry up? What happens? You mess up. You drop things. You type in the wrong number. Or you ring up the wrong amount. I don’t have much respect for people who yell at others telling them to hurry. I never did.

However, when customers get like that, they’re generally pissed. I can guess, but do I really read their minds? No. Funny, though, some soften after a while and we learn that they were just blowing off some steam, not truly pissed.

Can anyone truly predict the weather? No. But they can guess based on weather patterns, what is coming our way, which direction the wind is blowing, and what happened last year. They are guessing, folks. They are not predicting. No one is a psychic.

Likewise, when your shrink tells you you’ll be sick for life and have to depend on “treatment,” is this a prediction? No. It’s a guess. It’s a guess based on years of working in the System and seeing people get hooked on drugs and dependent on therapy. They know damn well once you get in, you aren’t going to leave the System that easily. Based on this disheartening tendency, they tell you, “Permanently disabled.”

They are not psychic. Let’s work on breaking the pattern, eh? Let’s show them that they’re wrong, and were wrong, about us. Let’s live independent and productive lives. Let’s show them we can be passionate about something else besides our fake diseases.

As for predicting stuff? I think we might as well leave that up to the weatherman, weather being something rather harmless, rather than creating self-fulfilling prophesies. They aren’t psychic and they aren’t prophets, either. Although I must say a lot of people act like those docs really are.

A real prophet? We’re still waiting for Elijah, so……

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