Duquesne student jumped 16 stories. Died.

This was a football player. I can see a close-up photo of him in the article. Ann Blake-Tracy has a way of looking at photos and believe it or not she can tell that a person is on antidepressants. She has posted multiple photos on Facebook pointing out just how she can tell. She has testified in court cases. Now the article says he jumped when the cops arrived, or shall I say, “jumped after the police responded to a disturbance.” Marquis Brown was a young black man, a running back on the Duquesne football team. With all the stories coming of about black people being treated very badly by the cops…Well? What happened in that dorm room, anyway?

The Post Gazette reports, “Mr. Brown jumped out a window of Brottier Hall on the Forbes Avenue side after campus police arrived in response to a ‘reported disturbance.'”

WPXI says the police “responded to an altercation on the 16th floor.”

No foul play? Oh please. For every suicide, there IS foul play. No, likely no one pushed him out the window. I call the following things foul play, don’t you?

Head injury from playing football.
Police violence, police verbal abuse, unfounded threats made by police

Google it and tell me if you find out more.

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