Please support me at the Boston Globe comments section

I really need someone to find my comment and comment on there validating what I am saying. These commenters say they don’t even believe me that I was abused at Mount Auburn and they say it’s not even possible my home was broken into. Please get on there and support me.

2 thoughts on “Please support me at the Boston Globe comments section”

  1. Sorry Julie I cannot log in to comment. One of the commenters mocking you said something totally nutty. Like “all caretakers conspire to hurt their patients.” *Sarcastically.*

    I’d hate to have her “take care” of me. Glad she quit her job since she sounds horrible.

    1. Yep. Putting words straight into my mouth. I did not say that, and I do not believe that, either. There were several nurses who tried to help out. One was immediately taken off my case after she pleaded with the doc to let me go. I remember her. In fact i would recognize her if I saw her.

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