Looks like he was a plain ole criminal, but we shall see…..

The shooter was a disbarred attorney. He had charged inappropriate fees to clients. I guess he plea-bargained himself out of doing jail time and instead, was allowed to pay off the fees over time. One article states that his wife took equal responsibility in the wrongful charges. With her helping him pay the fees back, they excused him from jail time.

After that, look like he spent his time target shooting while his wife kept working and paying the bills. What is weird is that they made a habit of taking in foster kids. I wonder if they did this for the money. Some do! She was a divorce lawyer, well-known, apparently. Neighbors say there were usually about ten kids there. They also say the kids were always in trouble.

That’s not uncommon for foster kids. We live in a society that tends to tell these kids from day one that they’ll grow up to be drug dealers and crooks. It’s a clear, unobstructed path from the Juvenile Justice System to the Penal System. The kids are not given a chance, on the whole.

So these attorneys took them in. But why? What was the motivation? Maybe they genuinely wanted to help the kids. Maybe not.

Meanwhile, the Hopkins’ son Seth was sexually abusing one of the kids. This was the reason for the warrant and planned search.

Is that what is normally done? How many cop cars came to the house to do this originally? I can see that they’d send more, given Fred’s history of Disorderly Conduct Non-Specified. That plus Seth had a crim history.

Fred Hopkins is 74 years old. Apparently he fell from the roof while he was shooting the cops. He is badly injured from the fall it seems and cannot speak.

So he knew they were on their way. How did he know? Someone could have tipped him off. He didn’t just sit on that roof all day. Or…maybe he made a habit of it, odd habit, though.  His son Seth was shot in the commotion, the one that the cops were originally coming for.

Sounds like a very bad scene there. Two hours standoff, apparently. The papers interviewed a neighbor who said she did not hear the shots. If it was a wealthy neighborhood the houses were likely separated by large, stately yards, meaning you don’t have to hear the neighbors all the time.

The neighbors knew them, but mostly, it seems, they knew or knew of the ten or so kids.

Trouble all around…but what about the rest of the story? What about the part we haven’t heard yet? Seems like Fred started getting erratic the past few years. What else was going on in his life?

Just watch this one unfold.

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