Addendum: One more bit of info I found on Fred Hopkins

I just saw a one-liner in a news article that said that Fred was unable to speak due to “multiple medical issues.”

Do we see a picture emerging here? Someone older might very well have many medical issues. He was injured in the war, for one thing, but what else was going on?

Here I am speculating: Diabetes from psych meds. Protracted withdrawal syndrome. Tardive dyskinesia. Alcoholism. Bad lungs from smoking. Heart damage from antipsychotics. Well….let me not get too far with this. If healthcare professionals drugged him inappropriately we will never know  because HIPAA protects them.

He may have even had dementia. Think on that one for a bit.

Being obsessed about weapons is not uncommon for gun owners. I know a few round here. It’s almost like an addiction. Guns change how you think due to the resulting obsession and power trip over them. Although I must say I know a few who have them for hunting only and aren’t insane over them like that. Such an obsession also happens to cops. So saith one of my college professors…so you better believe that one.

Someone once recommended one to me, that is, to go get a small pistol. I don’t see why, though. I don’t think it’s “protection” and I don’t see much practical or productive use for one. Only destructive. People who want them really need to examine their morals and question their motivation for gun ownership. It’s a fallacy that guns save lives. Even if a tiger is attacking you, if you use the gun to protect yourself, you may be alive still, but you have killed the tiger.

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