Upcoming weather and other oddities

I am being very obsessive about the weather for the next week. The forecast constantly changes. We were supposed to have thunderstorms and lots of rain the day of the race. Now it is going to be 62 that morning and not raining at all. When will they change their minds next?

This morning I went out to my usual track where I run and discovered it was locked up. That is, no one was locked inside there, but they had locked people out. My guess is that there was a local “event” last night and they were worried about drunk people getting on the track. They have explicit instructions to stay off of certain parts of it. Are drunk people going to pay heed? Doubtful.  This is the first time I have seen it locked.

I immediately turned around and ran back to my somewhat starting point. I decided to run up the main drag and see how that would go. I went up and back, up and back, three times. I figured the distance was .75 miles. I was wrong! Actually, the distance is .9 miles.

Now the distance from home to the track is .8 no matter which route I take. I do have my favorite route, but…I keep changing my mind on that. I figure:

.8 +.8+ (.9 x6) = 7 miles.

If I run from home to the five-and-dime, that’s a mile. It’s a decent run, too.  If I run to and from the five-and-dime four times, that eight miles, five times, that’s ten.

The farthest I have ever run, ever, was approx 12 miles.  A half-marathon is 13.1 miles. I am positive I can run that far. See, the Little Engine That Could had the right idea, but I choose to tweak it a bit:

Not “I think I can!”

Instead, try this! “I know I can!”

Not that such tweaking is going to cause a major earthquake. However…….The mind can influence the body’s performance. Know what I can do? I can slow or quicken the pace of my heart while I am running. I tried this one on the treadmill, since the gym treadmills do not sent me obnoxious messages should I choose to “hold on” while running. Some do!

Try this one out yourself! Run on a treadmill and monitor your heart. You’ll have to be running for a bit to let your heartbeat settle. At first it is likely to quicken way up, but then it’ll settle into something medium, and then, after a couple of miles, slow itself considerably.

To make your heart go faster, tell yourself, while you are running, “Oh my god! I am so slow. I need to run faster!” Even without speeding up your pace, I bet your heart will speed up if you tell yourself that.

Now, try telling yourself, “Wow, this is really the bomb! So much fun!” Watch your heartbeat drop! Even without changing pace, it really will!

Now here’s the question: Does the body perform better when the heart is pumping fast, or does it prefer a more reasonable pace?

Probably, the answer is both. I think it depends on the context. If you are running like mad to get away from a mental hospital, running for your life, I bet the last thing you are going to think about is how fast your heart is beating. But I bet it is racing. This is useful, this adrenaline, to make you run faster. Fear does that to us. We might end up doing seemingly superhuman feats when we are truly pumped up like that.

However, if you are running a long distance, maybe adrenaline won’t be so great. From what I know, being super hyped up is not going to serve your body well over the long haul. I truly hope you do not have to run an entire marathon to get away from the nuthouse. I hope they give up trying to find you and then you can just hop into the nearest library, bar, coffee shop, whatever, and blend in with the crowd. Congratulations. Now, don’t turn around and run back.

The mind influences the body.  It does this 100 times more than the usual “therapist” wants to admit. Typically, they give you breathing instructions and tell you that will cure you. And then they’ll book the next three appointments for you to ensure you keep coming back and stay dependent and needy. Meanwhile they might ask you how your psychiatrist appointments are going. Just to make sure you’re still doped up.

I got an idea! When the therapist shows up, RUN!

Actually, what helps me run is remembering Maria, that therapist I had from late 2010 to early 2012. She forbade me to run on all costs, even threatening me that she will have me locked up if I walk the dog and god forbid, do something healthy! She wanted me to do nothing and pay for cabs all the time. Was she out of her head?

Oh. Yeah I think I answered my own question here.

So sometimes when I am running, I say to myself, “Screw Maria! Screw the nuthouse. I am free now! Screw em all, and especially screw the ones that claimed I couldn’t do it.”

I know I can, I know I can, I know I can. Run to that one. It has that rhythm, you know.

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