Another reason why I am not registered to vote……

Apparently now the federal gov’t is demanding from every state the personal info about all registered voters. Our gov, Governor Wolf, wrote an awesome letter to the feds refusing to give them this info. He cited PA law in this letter and also said the feds can purchase info already publicly available (for $20, he said!). He said that this demand for info is only going to lead to more fraud at the polls.

Dear  Trump, I care about personal privacy. You likely can’t do a damn thing about me because your TV ads won’t reach me and you won’t find me on Facebook.

I will not change myself, change my habits, change who I am to please anyone, including the government. On the other hand, if they are threatening to lock up a person like me simply because of what I choose to think, then I will lie like heck (since they cannot read my mind), fake it, act sickly polite (like I do at my job) and then, as soon as they have turned their backs momentarily, run for it.

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