Malpractice statistics from Johns Hopkins, reported in Natural News

I do not trust NN on the whole, but the statistics reported here on malpractice deaths looks solid. I also agree with Mike that malpractice is underreported.

Now see what he says about suicide? Many suicides are due to medical mal, that is, people kill themselves in shocking numbers during the aftermath of incarceration in mental wards. This was backed by a JAMA study, one they were embarrassed about, by the way. Prescribed drugs are also often the cause. This means a lot of suicides and even homicides out there are due to medical mal, altering Mike’s “gun death” statistic significantly.

No, I am not pro-gun in any way. I don’t support their use at all. I don’t even see the point of cops having them. I don’t support the cops’ use of attack dogs either. Dogs are great for sniffing out illegal stuff and for finding lost people. I don’t think dogs should be used for destructive means. If the police are for keeping the peace then why do they kill? Why do they threaten and scare innocent people?

I don’t support keeping guns around for supposed self-defense. I believe the illusion of safety they supposedly give some people is nothing but imaginary.

Likewise, the general public has this idea that pharmaceuticals mean health, that anything prescribed by a doctor is lifesaving (just because the doc said so) and that doctors are gods on high. This is truly mass psychosis.

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