One week and three days till race day!

I am running a 10K soon. I just signed up for it.  I have been “practicing” almost daily. Right now trying to see how much mileage I can squeeze into an hour. My next goal is 4.75 miles. I did 4.5 in 59:25 yesterday. Today I did 4.5 in 57:25. So I keep improving. Or maybe I just get more daring.

A 10K is 6.2 miles or so. I think 6.23. I would really like to finish this race in 1:15, but I doubt I can do that.

I think Uber is now serving our area. Most likely they are more reliable than the cab companies around here. I will see if they are available this coming Sunday. If they seem to be consistent I will use Uber to get to the race in the morning and to get back home, although we’re talking money…Hey, this is a race. I can splurge.

Feedback and comments welcome!