Good basic advice on drug withdrawal

Come to think of it, I was taken off Gabapentin abruptly when I was being abused in Mount Auburn Hospital. This could have added to the agitated presentation I had. They insisted I was “lying” when I said I had been on that drug. Sadly, I had been! They refused to do a taper. I was also abruptly stopped off of Topamax. I was really afraid of having a seizure.

I can’t take Gabapentin anymore. I tried getting some in Uruguay and the drug immediately gave me gout. Tried it again, same result. I was taking it for insomnia, but obviously I can’t anymore. Topamax I continued on my own while I was still in the States before I went abroad, even though the doc refused to prescribe it for me. I had a supply!

I continued it in Uruguay also, to prevent binge eating. I was successful getting off of it, but at first, the binge eating continued to come back when I did not take it. Oddly enough, though, the bingeing finally stopped entirely at some point. I do not have a record of precisely when. (I don’t have a smoking “quit date” either.)

I suppose as my ED became less prominent in my thoughts, and other concerns rose in priority (like finding a suitable place to live) then after a while it didn’t matter anymore.

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