Article in Washington Post supporting victims of sexual assault

I would love to forward this to the Watertown Police Department. In 2012, in either early July or late June, I reported to them that I had been raped by my neighbor, Bob Cahill, but it had occurred four years previously, in 2008. The police listened to me, but they had no plans, from the beginning, to proceed with any sort of investigation. They sat there with me a full hour, doing little but humoring me, and in the end offered me a ride to the nuthouse.

Their claim? That my account was not credible because Bob and I had been friends. Do they not realize that most rapes are done by people known the victim? Even husbands rape their wives. This is the most common form of rape, and the most insidious because it is next to impossible to prove. In fact, these abusive husbands, and sometimes even wives, are often repeat offenders.

They also stated that my story was “fabricated” because I had a detailed written account of what happened that night (something like the 23rd of March). Do they not know that writing things down was my way of processing the incident and putting it to rest?

Well….someday I will figure out how to complain about a police department! Of course, if I still lived there, complaining in any way would get them to come to my door and haul me off.

One day, when I was safely in Uruguay, I got brave and tweeted to the head of police department. What I said wasn’t threatening but it challenged their authority. No, they didn’t fly to Uruguay to arrest me. How much can you say in a tweet?

If I could complain about them I would have a laundry list of ways they were disrespectful, not only of me but of my neighbors, too. Here is an article on how to do that:

I wonder how long you have to file one of these. Apparently the worst thing you can do is file with the police department!

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